maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2013

Let´s just save the whole cake and eat it

Chew your bites well, boy
and remember better next time
not to cleave a too big piece
when your plate couldn´t hold mine
I won´t waste too much time on this
´cause I know I wouldn´t like the sight
I wouldn´t look too good on you
but I know we would fit so tight

Choose carefully what you´re saying
´cause I´ll remember every word
But don´t you worry, honey,
I will never say a word
I´ll forgive so very easily
though I will never forget
But there´s nothing to say
´cause we´ve hardly ever met

You may be the hurricane on the street
but I´m the rock down the road
and I´ll stay right there
and never let go
When in need of a haven just ask me
to be your girl and come back
I won´t give you heaven just bacause
I´m easy like that

Remember you need to clean up your own mess
and I blame it all on you, too
I´d like to think I don´t hold grudges
even if you didn´t take me with you
But like he said boys and girls will dream
and I dream a lot of things
Hey, we´re all grown up now
though it doesn´t mean a thing

You must think you´re so clever
but you don´t even know
How many times I´ve looked the other way
though I stared just a moment ago
I like to play those kinds of games
and I like to play with you
You must get something out of it too
maybe ´cause it feels so good

Don´t speak with your mouth full
and everything goes smooth
I know I dream, lay and lie
´cause it´s hard to stick with the truth
So you don´t need to worry, hey
just let the dogs bark
Colours are what they are
but we look better in the dark