sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

The Beat Between

Follow me home
Catch me in the dark
You should let me go
before you get bitten and barked
You are my truth
My mirror and my bed
You are mine for good
Though we´d never again met

You are mine
You belong in to my head
Your touch, your lips, your kisses on her neck
You are mine
but you don´t need to know that yet

Dance with me
Catch the tears through the rain
Feel my need
to drive myself insane
You are my truth
A room I can let myself in
You are mine for good
though you´d not let me win

I see you smile
I wonder if it´s for me to see
Your skin, your hair, your teeth
You belong to me
and your body is my feast

Wait your turn
You will get me soon
Wait and burn
when did pain and hurt ever feel this good
You are my truth
Doesn´t it ache when you need more?
You are mine for good
What kind of delight makes one so sore?

You are mine
You belong in to my head
Your ache, your burn, your smart in your body and heart
They belong to me
but this pulsating pain keeps us apart

lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2014

Drink up

It´s a half past four
and I don´t know what I´m waiting for
I got my mind in my hands
I got my own truth in my lies
I need more money than I need wine
but if it´s a bargain I can´t afford to cry
and you know me
I´m ready for a good time
I´d like to know you
a lot more than meets the eye
You´ll get me for a very cheap price
All I need is a couple of bucks and
you´ll have a couple of my time
Fair to say, you need to look out for me tonight
I could easily move on to some other's spotlight
and if it´s needed I´d be up for a cat fight
Anyhow, I´ll promise to keep up all night
You don´t even need to carry me home
I´ll carry myself just fine
And you don´t need to marry me either
´cause I´m all merry alright
Actually you don´t even need to stay with me
if you want to go home, that´s fine
And in the cab ride home you could just text
me that "thanks for the fun night"
I´ll read it over and over and wonder was it right
to stay up all night
drink up all your wine
lose myself in time
stand up for myself in line
Because I easily could´ve just
stayed at home and lie
I didn´t even need you or your time