sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

Denver, part one

Denver is a girl I´d like to be like
she´s a girl that makes the boys sigh
She takes what she wants just
like she takes her clothes off
Just by nodding her head she gets them off
The boys may think they got her
but she´s got them by the balls
Denver moves her hips and bites her lower lip
She looks down to the tips of her shoes
and whips her hair when she looks at you
The moment is over so fast it got you thinking
was it really you who she chose
But when she comes as close as she does
and accidentally touches your arm
it got you thinking what it really was
but you don´t have the time to ask
´cause she´s already doing that same old trick to
someone else
That poor bastard
Stares at her whipping her hair
and you, looking at him, you fool
He nods his head to the music
pretending to listen what his pals have to say
He´s biting his lower lip
as he´s watching her move her hips
He raffles should he make a move
looks at the tips of his leather shoes
Makes a move
Too late, ´cause she´s looking at you
You have that smile that you´ve won
She sees that too, you´re not the only one
She dances really close, moves her head
You look at the poor bastard behind her
taking a step back
He´s rubbing his neck and gulps down his beer
You rub your teeth with your tongue
pretending to listen the mumble
You look at Denver and you promise to say something
You stumble, you know it,
your words start to crumble
You look down to the tips of your shoes and
that´s about it