perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014

Just the Right Colour

The sky is red as her lips when she sips her white wine
she tries to understand what adult life is like
It´s hard to think because of the excitement of tonight
She got promises that she wants to tattoo around her skin,
little pearls and beans to take forever within
the words that could light up everything

The ground is green to welcome the new start
last time everything started to fall apart
Landing on two feet is not all that´s needed
when she´s looking for things that the time can´t buy
She´s lost much more than she reveals
but there´s something else she hangs on by

She opens her eyes wide when he walks on by
or closes them softly to hide her try
She wants everything so much and at the same time
but giving up or giving in are just not right
She talks like the words are meant as jokes
but hopes he reads between the lines

She thinks to herself: I got this need for you to like me
It burns inside and sometimes I can´t sleep
You must have the words to heal me
or the right look to move me
“I´ve been hanging around just in case,
you will fall in love with me”

And sometimes when she dreams she dreams too much
and the mornings wake her up in so many ways
Though she feels so garbled and tangled
there is one thought she cannot leave behind
The car rides that never really happened
The eyes that never really gave her nothing to find

She takes a sip of her wine and a tear drops in
Just like it never really ran, it just blends right in
It must´ve twirled and spinned right to the bottom
so she leaves just a drop she doesn´t want to drink
Now she acts like she´s forgotten
when they head downtown and get in

And after couple of moments she really doesn´t feel
like she´s missed a lot of time
When every touch she gets feels like the first time
and when she hurries to tell the others
there´s still something more going on
This can´t be it, but can she move on

She knows everything´s left unfinished
if she´d take the step too far
And dreams are just dreams as she´s known all along
so she plans to forget she ever dreamt at all
He must have different kinds of dreams after all
and if they´re nightmares it´s not her name to call

At home it´s easy to feel whatever´s left to feel
But the glass of white wine just mocks her and she
doesn´t really care about the red lipstick stains
Things will fade if they cannot stay
She stares the drop in the bottom of the glass
after all it´s just white wine at last

The salty wine tickles her throat
as she closes her eyes
Tonight dreams will make her moan
or scream because of the elated times
In any case she´s made up her mind
She won´t return from this car ride

(c) Sandi

torstai 2. tammikuuta 2014

Branches and leaves

I like branches and leaves, twigs and creeks, lakes wide open,
cold autumn breeze
I´m from a gorge so deep, forests inside of me,
I´m like moss and stones, swing and toss,
that´s needed to get rid of me
But then again, I´ll get cold at nights,
frosty girl, fucked up mind
Run like hell, hide under the purple sky,
am I sick or do I just lie,
don´t correct me if I´m right,
my lies would be liked
I´m a good friend if you take care of my roots,
love me with my truths, cover up my crust when it cries
So hold me tight, lay beside, sweat and freeze,
breathe deep beneath me, pant and sigh,
whisper like the wind in the gray bay
and you got me for a lifetime

(c) Sandi