sunnuntai 9. kesäkuuta 2013

Everyone on My Mind is in My Head

You think you get scared so very easily
Whenever something clacks you think it´s the door behind you
and though you´ll try to keep your cool
you wait for the night when it´s dark and cool
You´ll wait ´til your heartbeat levels down
and change your look and walking style
Just like someone would give a fuck or care anyway
So please, go on and walk away

But you know, you honey, just like the wrong kind of music
You wish you had my breathing recorded on your player,
tapes and casettes with my name all over them and
you came so close while trying to imagine what I sound like
and you came up with nothing,
nothing at all
So you started to invent things,
inhale my sweat, steal my things and
sleep with them in my old bed and
dream on Mondays when you should´ve gone to work

I might like you with that hat on,
but baby, that doesn´t make me love you and I,
I am very hard to please in a longer period of time
though it may have seemed like another deal
when I leaned on your arm on the dancefloor of that bar
and sat on the front seat of your car but I saw
that you´d got nothing for me, I saw that from far

You are not quite sure just what are you doing
I´m not quite sure are you even a human being
Because I saw you dancing and laughing yesterday
but your laughter sounded like a heartbreak to me
and your moves, can I even go there now,
well now honey, maybe you should slow down
Take it from me, your adversary

You can pretend all you want but I won´t give you any lies
even though your hands are all over your hips and thighs,
all over my man, my best friends or mine
You can rotate and whirl or spin and turn
and touch like no other and be the best mother fucker
and you know what, you should be better
´cause I count on the rumours being true about you

So you should stop coming on my way, stop
asking me why if you are not ready for the play
and I should be nicer and stop depending on the dice
and live my own life and we should grow some
balls and some spine and I should stop
faking my smiles and you should stop liking them so much
´cause lately I´ve been disgusted by you
and that´s a lot

You get so scared so very easily but the hardest part
is to follow your dreams and you think it´s me
who to blame or who you want to see,
whose dreams you have dreamed or who´s on
your way to fantasies and I´ll give you all the time
if you let go of mine and what belongs to me
is inside of my head and me,
I´m not too easy to please so I´ll ask
one more nicely, please,
let go of my dreams