tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

Two Hours of Both Sides

Smile is just a disguise so sweet
and ignorance is a well practised bliss
Everybody must think they know everybody else so very well
and that´s how I´ve felt so long and, well,
there are times it feels better to dwell
in a good, cozy self hatred hell and
dream of just wishing this all farewell but
just in the last moment,
something happens and so everything happens
and I´m ready to build everything up again

It´s in the little steps, Sun and Rain,
the wisdom of the Earth and Time,
I gather it all and bathe in them
sop it all and breathe them in
Inhale as long as I feel I´m smothering
and it all happens so damn readily that
I wake up gasping something real
That´s not me, that´s not what it seems
I can´t decide what to feel

The fear of the feeling when everything starts to fall apart
That I´ll lose all the memories somehow
is a stone in my private rock ´n roll show and
my burden of having fun and letting it go
And it´s like I´m in the middle of something,
like the moment right now is everything but still
nothing and I´m torn in directions
Tell me where to go

There are too many dreams for me to handle
though I can´t see through the fog
I thrash though I don´t need to struggle
and I fight though I let others overhaul
I don´t want to try just to see I´ve lost
I don´t want to see how much it´s cost
I don´t want to lose everything I love
I rather lose my strenght and self
Just time to time

And there are times I need everything
A permit to let go
Saved from my own pit
Help to choose which way to go
Tell me am I real or not
Put me down so I feel I´m alive and
pick me up when I can´t decide my goal
And end those fights in my head
so I can finally forget

To choose between everything
To talk shit of things
To trick I´m sick and
sick of it
To fake I live when I´m stuck
in undone and carry everything with
and break my back because of it but
To breathe in this moment is all
Am I right?
It´s all I really need but
the hardest skill to master
in a one life time

tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

30 miles/hour

I wish I had my hair coloured with watery pastels
and black as a raven, wings as blinks of a night
and those sunset coloured whispers
as the car symbols for the freedom
and me laughing on it's ride

My summer´s almost gone and it waves with a thunder
and a grey, moist asphalt
Don´t get me wrong, I´ve always loved the rain
and the weird wind, trying to scare us to think
that the autumn is falling on us

Only few people are walking on the street, and those who are,
have already forgotten how to swim in the laughing sea
They colour themselves in dim, matching to the asphalt,
and I wonder do they feel the same way as I do
Do they think they don´t have any time left?
Are they waiting for the weekend?

I tried to take some photos and pictures,
but most of all I wanted to write a lot
and I am disappointed in myself for not trying any harder
I´ve just waited, lying, watching the waves as hours
Blues, blacks, greys, browns, even some greens
Sometimes and that´s a lot of times,
I wonder do they notice me

I am an average, but my dreams are high
They are hard to catch and sometimes, which is a lot of times,
I think to myself are they even forth it
Thinking how nice a bright green car looks like
Thinking that pink trousers do not cover up the boring beige coat

And I love those little birds,
sparrows bathing in small puddles
and the thoughts of seagulls nesting
and the rapid steps of a madman
and the pleased smile of a corgi dog

It´s 30 miles / hour
but there´s dancing and a mystical office,
places I´m not allowed to see,
apartments where heads have been cooked and
a solid rock to spend sunny evenings on

I´m thinking more than I´m dreaming
and I spend a lifetime on watching
I want my hair to be golden
but right now I´m happy with my eyes
They look whatever they like
and they photoghraph every bite
Click and roll
It´s in my mind

keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

Ain´t Life Such a Beach?

You knew I´m not bad
and I knew you were lying when you
told me you got sad
But that´s fine ´cause I thought about it for a while
and got into a conclusion that we
have golden souls
We are dumb enough to forget everything and
move on to nothing
Get warm, cuddle and feel something,
be nice to each other and feel nice
around one another
Or just as you´d like, one on other
I´m happy I keep on remembering those steps back
from the beach and each other

My leg stayed on the other

But they keep on watching how we move on and
hopefully to the wrong direction,
maybe they think that they know it all just by a
pity reflection
They don´t seem to get it,
that us two have something though we hid it,
disguised carefully underneath all of it,
us two have golden souls
Every pink dream has something dark in it
and dim corners are filled with our favourite colours
More flavours than you could feed with

Oh, don´t they just want to hit it

Let´s walk down to the national park and get high there,
maybe we could hide there
Seek me, find me, look for each other
Hours could be moments and they would pass us by there,
we wouldn´t move on, we´d just lie there
Find each other again and again,
until forever and nowhere
Let´s look into the eyes, promises and lies,
we have golden souls
and bare love to never let go
so don´t you dare go there

Loving life ain´t always that fair

But when I´m having that drink in my hand
and my eyes are spinning the world
Laughter is the sweet game and
I like to play with words
but the cruelest way to cut out the wings
is to fade away
Glasses are marked with red lipstick
which I´m quite proud of in a weird way
I made a mark on something though and forget I will end up dead
Even if it happened already yesterday,
I´m dreaming my days in my sweet bed
Gin tonic wouldn´t add up with sobriety,
it tastes better with a lime
Life and death are just two different sides
of the same, crooked dice

Golden souls mean nothing at all in the hot summer night

My neck is bleeding but I don´t hurt
I swing by the moment and never get hurt
my fingers do their job too well
they knot and tie down everything
Just for example
I can get my mind twisted
and just by a few moves
it´s all torn, fucked and long gone
and just like that, I just move on
and with the snap of a finger I´m back on
Just like that we just groove on
Just like that it´s bye, bye,
lose my head and die
but just for a little while
´cause golden souls can fly

I´m talking about you, you, you and I

Mistakes may be done,
but do not get fooled by anyone
and what was the quote saying
about the shame on someone?
There should be none,
except a little wistful moments for one,
once in a while a little or more fun,
getting it on with some loved one,
and make a moment
to last for the summer
Stop and think, hon´,
ain´t life such a beach?

Golden souls may be hard to reach

sunnuntai 9. kesäkuuta 2013

Everyone on My Mind is in My Head

You think you get scared so very easily
Whenever something clacks you think it´s the door behind you
and though you´ll try to keep your cool
you wait for the night when it´s dark and cool
You´ll wait ´til your heartbeat levels down
and change your look and walking style
Just like someone would give a fuck or care anyway
So please, go on and walk away

But you know, you honey, just like the wrong kind of music
You wish you had my breathing recorded on your player,
tapes and casettes with my name all over them and
you came so close while trying to imagine what I sound like
and you came up with nothing,
nothing at all
So you started to invent things,
inhale my sweat, steal my things and
sleep with them in my old bed and
dream on Mondays when you should´ve gone to work

I might like you with that hat on,
but baby, that doesn´t make me love you and I,
I am very hard to please in a longer period of time
though it may have seemed like another deal
when I leaned on your arm on the dancefloor of that bar
and sat on the front seat of your car but I saw
that you´d got nothing for me, I saw that from far

You are not quite sure just what are you doing
I´m not quite sure are you even a human being
Because I saw you dancing and laughing yesterday
but your laughter sounded like a heartbreak to me
and your moves, can I even go there now,
well now honey, maybe you should slow down
Take it from me, your adversary

You can pretend all you want but I won´t give you any lies
even though your hands are all over your hips and thighs,
all over my man, my best friends or mine
You can rotate and whirl or spin and turn
and touch like no other and be the best mother fucker
and you know what, you should be better
´cause I count on the rumours being true about you

So you should stop coming on my way, stop
asking me why if you are not ready for the play
and I should be nicer and stop depending on the dice
and live my own life and we should grow some
balls and some spine and I should stop
faking my smiles and you should stop liking them so much
´cause lately I´ve been disgusted by you
and that´s a lot

You get so scared so very easily but the hardest part
is to follow your dreams and you think it´s me
who to blame or who you want to see,
whose dreams you have dreamed or who´s on
your way to fantasies and I´ll give you all the time
if you let go of mine and what belongs to me
is inside of my head and me,
I´m not too easy to please so I´ll ask
one more nicely, please,
let go of my dreams

sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Roll Down South

At noon I´m on my way
I´ll promise you that
I´m sipping that drink and watching the waves,
writing my future on my mind
Dreaming behind my sunglasses
of new friends from Friday nights
I´ve always loved those city lights
Under them we´ll shine so bright

Laying on the sand and curl my toes
you make my tongue curl too
You asked me what do I want to do
So let´s go to L.A.
dance on the streets ´til we´re through
Though I´m not too sophisticated
I am no fool for you

Heading to south with
wind in our hair
this is a movie we can not end
We´ll just roll our eyes and roll on
and roll to the south and to the end
If we won´t break on through we will bend
just enough to kiss and tell

Our bodies are pumping and shaking
like the music lives in us
The denim looks like it´s burning
on a skin tanned slighlty
I can´t fake it, I like it
when he´s coming closer to me
We know how to make excuses
Now I wonder what the excuse is

There´s a fire to dance around to
and secrets that haven´t been told
The night is getting older and
you´d think it would get colder
but your hand on my leg warms me
when the others can´t see
They dance around like our friends do
but here I am with you

Wake up on the beach
and the sun hurts our heads
You seem to have crawled away from me
and my friends have gathered beside
You won´t even look at me when you get up
and, hey, that´s just fine
That´s just my style,
one of my favourite lies

I need to leave by noon
and leave my dreams behind
So they´ll turn to gold
and make the footsteps fly
Make my mind to challenge it self
and my heart to burn it´s sides
Open my eyes to new stories
and make up new lies

torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Want to be the wolf

I´ll suck on that pencil
while trying to get my groove on
and trying to get on that flow
and get some

Sugary orange soda on the side
now with me and on my lips
we´re both waiting for the summer
to get some

You squint because it´s too bright
and forgot your cheap sunglasses
I´d offer you mine
if I got some

I guess I want to be the wolf

You´ll suck your lips dry
on that hot afternoon
because you´re too kind to ask
do I mind

This is my last one, you´ll see,
and I can´t afford another one,
and baby it´s been the only thing
in my mind

You say there´s something
that might help me choosing
might help me let loose and
change my mind

But I guess I want to be the wolf

maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2013

Let´s just save the whole cake and eat it

Chew your bites well, boy
and remember better next time
not to cleave a too big piece
when your plate couldn´t hold mine
I won´t waste too much time on this
´cause I know I wouldn´t like the sight
I wouldn´t look too good on you
but I know we would fit so tight

Choose carefully what you´re saying
´cause I´ll remember every word
But don´t you worry, honey,
I will never say a word
I´ll forgive so very easily
though I will never forget
But there´s nothing to say
´cause we´ve hardly ever met

You may be the hurricane on the street
but I´m the rock down the road
and I´ll stay right there
and never let go
When in need of a haven just ask me
to be your girl and come back
I won´t give you heaven just bacause
I´m easy like that

Remember you need to clean up your own mess
and I blame it all on you, too
I´d like to think I don´t hold grudges
even if you didn´t take me with you
But like he said boys and girls will dream
and I dream a lot of things
Hey, we´re all grown up now
though it doesn´t mean a thing

You must think you´re so clever
but you don´t even know
How many times I´ve looked the other way
though I stared just a moment ago
I like to play those kinds of games
and I like to play with you
You must get something out of it too
maybe ´cause it feels so good

Don´t speak with your mouth full
and everything goes smooth
I know I dream, lay and lie
´cause it´s hard to stick with the truth
So you don´t need to worry, hey
just let the dogs bark
Colours are what they are
but we look better in the dark

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

End Up Burning

You know I also hate
slow songs
And my home is where my heart is,
in the forest, in the city streets and in
Palm Desert and
Venice Beach

Let´s go there
and let´s ride
You know the summer´s hot
just the right kind
When you sing to the songs
that were born a long time ago
And your skin is moist
Misty of your choice
to stay here with us
Ride our special bus

I don´t have a licence and
I don´t know how to play that way
but I don´t mind
´cause I prefer to sleep,
weep and cry, laugh in my mind
crawl by your side
and stay that way
Listen to the wind howl
and the sun rustle the day

Let´s swim and dive
Let´s try to break the walls
to the Other Side
You remember that time
and so do I
So rise and get up
and take us with and fly
Let´s go for a ride

We can do it all night
once we start to do it right
Watch as I move and move on to you
You think the music´s over
but then it takes all over you
That´s the ride that feel´s real good
and looks like you feel like it too

Take a swim with us at noon
when there´s no one else in sight
That´s the only way to get you
cooled down after morning
And the weather tries to fool
that if you get any more thermal
and if you add any more fuel
You might end up burning

Touch the skin
like it´s forbidden to dream
We won´t break even though
we´ll bend
And the sun keeps us warm so
we can sleep under the sky
Dive into the night

I´ll always take my time trying to work up the disguise

It´s been a long time
since I met you
But you´re always coming back
so it´s hard to get over
though I´ll always get on through

It´s hard to understand
that you were a boy
now you are a man
Big cities weeping
trying to hold on to
your father's name
and your mother's land
But you´ll get by
Take my word and then
take my hand

You don´t need to know the truth

I really think I know what you´re saying
I mean I really do
feel like I´m inside of you
Your words in my mouth
and the other way around
So don´t take me for a fool
I may be alone but
I´ll never get lonely
with this set in my head
with words that I´ve been fed

You don´t need to know the truth

So, "hey, what I can help you with"
is the closest thing to a real conversation
That way I´ll get some more than just
helping you out with a cheap salvation
Nobody knows that everybody knows
They just keep quiet, hush,
waiting for the riot
You´re not listening to what I say
You´ll nod and think I don´t know
your kind and your way
I´ll smile and hey,
everything´s okay

You don´t need to know the truth

Yeah there´s been time
it´s been passing just fine
Though years and weeks go by
Look at me now like I need to be looked by
you and your kind
And I´ll live by it´s power for a few days
I´ll dance and spin in that rusty cage
I´ll roll another day in that haze
Though I could just say

It´s hard to understand
that you were a boy
now you are a man
You live day by day
in a future that's never been planned
in my head soft as beach sand
Move on
Walk over me
though I will hold on
Do it before I
walk on

You don´t need to know the truth
how long it will take
or how many days
or what is the way
But there´s something I can tell you
I got those new boots
that I´ll dance all over you
stomp until you´re glued
march until you´re through
Loving me and my boots

You don´t need to know the truth

sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

I really liked this morning

I´ll take my time
and I´ll write that letter
But before all that
I want to feel a little bit better
Like this morning
And I like this morning
when I can wake up whenever I like
Look from the window
stare at the screen
Watch some movies
Brush my teeth
Kiss your cheek
Float in between

And I like that you like it
I like to be silent
I feel for you, babe,
but I can´t always be like that
I have this need to be happy
without any goals
I´m going to take my time
Take a trip,
drink some wine
Don´t want to wait in line
Stand tall,
still high
Not always asking why,
who´s going to die,
who´s living my life
Always that one step behind

But just like this morning
while waiting for something
I´ll start tapping the keys
trying to think of what to dream
or should I just dream the dream
or hunt it down
While I´m in the town
Shouldn´t I live, not frown
I stared at my forehead
somehow I started
Thinking how young I am
and still got wrinkles
My mind still tinkles
I really loved the movie Singles
so maybe something´s there
Now how did I get here?

I mean I should watch these thoughts float
just like in a boat
watching the sky
while the clouds glide by
Shouldn´t hang on those,
shouldn´t grab them,
but just let them go
I should already know
but there´s too much to think
Too much to see,
things I can sink in
things I can´t win
Places I haven´t been in
and places to dream
So here I go again
Again I´m in between

Should I let go
or just leave
There´s countries out there
I haven´t seen
Different clouds to grab
but the sky´s still the same
People who don´t know my name,
they don´t know am I lame or
should I be tamed
Start all over
Find someone to understand
But who can do that
if even she can´t?
Maybe the problem here
is the past
So if I wouldn´t have that
I could turn my back
Have all that

All that I dreamt of
Everything this morning
I should break myself free and
watch some old movies
Do this
Make them believe it
Feel it
Just like in a concert
Wave the hair and hands,
do it for me
I don´t need the hate
nor glory
But I need to walk this path
alone or then you come with me
but then you need to hear me
Feel me
Don´t just roll your eyes
thinking you know me
Know the reasons,
but don´t see me

So once again
I went too far
maybe gave too little
or bursted out too much
I need to learn to ride my mind
Write my own stories
just the right kind
And just as I said
I can´t continue to wait in line
My turn already came
but the ticket´s the thing I can´t find
Maybe it´s ´cause I changed my mind
too many times
Looked everywhere,
afraid to look behind
I bet it´s there
and that´s just fine
I´ll take a new turn
Or maybe
I´ll just take a hike

keskiviikko 2. tammikuuta 2013

On a Black Leather Couch

I need a new story
inspired by Led Zeppelin's III
Black boots
and wet streets

We don´t mind too much
if the eyes get a bit clouded
You know moist lips can´t keep
the steamy secrets

All the songs in and out there
yet haven´t found a home
The doors might be closed
but on that couch you´ll never
be left alone
The doors might be closed
but the couch is still warm
The doors might be closed
for now

Bare legs on a black leather couch
where the skin feels sticky
and the joints ache
Heads so messed up and
the hair´s the messiest kind
But the morning comes
at 3 p.m. with a smile

So I begin my story
by kicking the boots out of my feet
in 1972
Exile on Main St

With some luck we´ll rock´n roll
and we´ll roll whenever we feel
And you know I love that so
Pour some sugar on me

All the songs in and out there
yet haven´t found a home
The doors might be closed
but the couch is always free
as you know
The doors might be closed
but the couch is quite near
The doors might be closed
for now

Bare legs on a black leather couch
where the thirst will always surprise
and the bottle´s always too far
Mind´s trying to think back what
the eyes must have seen
And so the evening has come
and life feels like a dream

I need to tell a story
with some clacks and whir
The sound of an engine
telling you are him and I am her

If we close our eyes
it´s 1995's Cloudy skies
Though right now it doesn´t warm our skin
but the sun never lies

All the songs in and out there
yet haven´t found a home
The doors might be closed
but the couch is yours
The doors might be closed
but the couch is right here
for now

Bare legs on a black leather couch
where the sin is shown from the eyes
and the mouth mourns for more
Body gets pushed back while
the other tries to tell that
Here´s the night for you
so don´t try to fight back

I try to start a story
with a black skirt and those boots
I look at you like I know something
And you know that´s the truth

I say, any year;
Stop breaking down
We try to build Tomorrow's world
that others can´t burn down

The doors might be closed for now
but the couch is always free
And I lay back on it,
pull you next to me
Smiling at you rumblin´
With your words, stumblin´
I lay my legs on the black leather couch
And there you are with me