sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014

Bitter & sweet

Drink it up
drink your bubbly water, your coke
Listen to me,
listen to me hard and real close
I have a story that I can´t let go
but I need to pass it on
so I can move on with my other jokes

You know the feeling when you´re lost
You know you shouldn´t buy it
because you know how much it costs
But you want it so hard
without it you´re just lost
You think you want everything or nothing at all
But you forgot how much it hurts to fall

Maybe in time I learn to sing my lines
Maybe the time really heals everything alright
but what if there´s wounds too deep to mend
´Cause you cut them oneself with a rusty blade
There´s ways to get broke and broken
because it stings too hard just to bend

Drink it up
drink your salty tear drop liquor
drink your bitter wine
My story is about the time, lies and life
that if you want to build you need to grind
And as I said, I really didn´t mind
But maybe it´s the best to move on
to the next line
And maybe in the next life
there´s no need for cuts too deep
But the jokes are just as fine

Electric Shocks

It feels like electric shocks
in the middle of the chorus
through the mildly shaking body,
silent mouth gasping for air

What a wonderful feeling
to feel so faint and feeble,
under the force of a need,
in need of something more

And what does the feeling look like,
what does the need feel like
When all they can see is just one step,
one step to the wrong line

There might be sirens and supernovas
and crazy dances, mystic nights
Devastatingly beautiful city lights
Loving how the arms can hold on so tight

Never give up, never give in,
never lose your faith in love and living
Falling in autumn, growing under the sun
Never lose your faith in having fun

What if they´re lost in it,
what if they lost it,
what has been the cost of
an electric shock?

There needs to be patience,
there needs to be poems
aching love of letting go
Thirst for getting some more

Find your highway
and hide your name
Listening to Remember Me
Nothing is the same

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

You Drove All Night

You say you can´t drive fast enough
so let´s read each other's minds
Close your eyes and ask me to close mine
Leave everything else behind
I see you walking like Eastwood
Wonder if I could get closer to you
But you have nothing for me, don´t you?

Somebody could say we´re keeping a secret
but what kind it could be
if you´re not next to me
So close your eyes and try to hide
I´ll find you anyhow in time
Staring the ground, kickin´ the leaves
Somebody´s losing this hide and seek

Show me your sign, stomp the ground
I hear your black boots making a sound
You´ve stopped the car to think things over
but what good has thinking ever done to you?
You want things to change and I´m so afraid
that I could help you to play the game again
But I´m not too good on winning,
my game is to lose

Wait just a moment, don´t open your eyes
What if I asked you to look behind?
I´d be glad to stand just there but
this game has made us a little blind
So after a long wait and a cold night
I hope you´ll take a U-turn
and head back to the city lights

I really wasn´t there
You really drove all night
It´s just that the way we´re clearing our minds
doesn´t seem so right
I´d rather lose a moment with you
than see you losing your life
It´s just the way reality bites

Falling to Faded

What did you have in mind
when you drew the line
that this is your side and this is mine
Falling to pieces is such a crime

I wish to grab your hand once more
and breath in your warmth
All I want is to be adored
and I hate to be left ingored

You are my secret I cant get on paper
I know I promised but it won´t get better
You can blow when it hurts
but the pain will come back later

You need to be somebody else
and I need to change my soul
There´s something that cannot be fixed
Maybe the joke just got old
You are too beautiful for me to get bold