sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Roll Down South

At noon I´m on my way
I´ll promise you that
I´m sipping that drink and watching the waves,
writing my future on my mind
Dreaming behind my sunglasses
of new friends from Friday nights
I´ve always loved those city lights
Under them we´ll shine so bright

Laying on the sand and curl my toes
you make my tongue curl too
You asked me what do I want to do
So let´s go to L.A.
dance on the streets ´til we´re through
Though I´m not too sophisticated
I am no fool for you

Heading to south with
wind in our hair
this is a movie we can not end
We´ll just roll our eyes and roll on
and roll to the south and to the end
If we won´t break on through we will bend
just enough to kiss and tell

Our bodies are pumping and shaking
like the music lives in us
The denim looks like it´s burning
on a skin tanned slighlty
I can´t fake it, I like it
when he´s coming closer to me
We know how to make excuses
Now I wonder what the excuse is

There´s a fire to dance around to
and secrets that haven´t been told
The night is getting older and
you´d think it would get colder
but your hand on my leg warms me
when the others can´t see
They dance around like our friends do
but here I am with you

Wake up on the beach
and the sun hurts our heads
You seem to have crawled away from me
and my friends have gathered beside
You won´t even look at me when you get up
and, hey, that´s just fine
That´s just my style,
one of my favourite lies

I need to leave by noon
and leave my dreams behind
So they´ll turn to gold
and make the footsteps fly
Make my mind to challenge it self
and my heart to burn it´s sides
Open my eyes to new stories
and make up new lies

torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Want to be the wolf

I´ll suck on that pencil
while trying to get my groove on
and trying to get on that flow
and get some

Sugary orange soda on the side
now with me and on my lips
we´re both waiting for the summer
to get some

You squint because it´s too bright
and forgot your cheap sunglasses
I´d offer you mine
if I got some

I guess I want to be the wolf

You´ll suck your lips dry
on that hot afternoon
because you´re too kind to ask
do I mind

This is my last one, you´ll see,
and I can´t afford another one,
and baby it´s been the only thing
in my mind

You say there´s something
that might help me choosing
might help me let loose and
change my mind

But I guess I want to be the wolf