maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2015

It doesn´t give us Sixes

Who is it
who knocks on your door?
Who says you don´t need it
but makes you want more
It has yellow eyes and serpent thighs,
it lingers through your fingers
as quick sand and silver
It smells your weakness and
gropes you by it
It´s lips plead your virtue
and licks your skin wet
It makes you sour and it makes me high
It tricks us the power to roll the dice
It doesn´t give us sixes, it always stops at five
but it´s the room for satisfaction
that time to time, makes us thrive

It sounds like 1993 as it yearns for you and me
It has a thirst that´s infinite
and it always buys the drinks for free
Though it´s never on the house,
at the latest the ice makes us bleed
It makes you sleep and comforts you in need
It gives you the hand and then smacks you on it´s feet
We confuse it with love but it´s just blood and meat
It doesn´t take us for granted
it just takes us, and that´s it

It whispers:

"You know you don´t want me
I know I don´t need you
But it´s nice to meet you
and kill you slowly
I´m the serpent
and I´m the wasteland
I´m your fate and I´m your dreamland
I´ll dance you wet and kiss you to death
I´m the one for you
and you´re my number one pet"

So who is it
who calls you at 3.16?
It reminds you of it
and you can´t go back to sleep
You don´t worry what it could do to you and me
You worry you won´t be missed or missed out on,
´cause you want to be the one to leave
You want to be the one to mean something
and believe when it breathes it´s lies to your ear
You want to be it´s only, the one and only
and listen to the songs together, feeling lonely
You try to deny that you´ve heard it´s invite
and for the next couple of lives
you pretend to forget it´s right
You belong to it
and it belongs in you
It´s the song you can´t forget
and it´s the one that´s playing you

maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2015

The Canyon

I want to get drowned
in the canyon,
get lost in the wilderness
sometimes all I want is
to get lost in my own head
by myself
on my own
Heartbreaking suffocation
Coughing up the sand and tears
What a fucked up situation
I got tangled in my own web of fears

The other night I dreamt a dream of you
Yesterday I couldn´t figure out if it was true
I can´t remember your face when I´m down
I guess it´s ´cause you dont´t want to be found
You´ve grown so deep inside of me
that I can´t tell the difference between
You´re like the song I hear in my sleep
and awake I´m just moving my lips

I want to scream in to the canyon
that I want to drown in my sleep

I don´t want to get lost between the lines
I don´t need you to read me
When I close my eyes I just
I just hope that something breaks me
Something without a name, something un-known
Something that makes me cinder and bones
These dreams make me hate the reality
that tries to force me to make up my mind

I want to get drowned
in the forest,
sleep forever on the hummocks
Freeze to death so sweetly,
´cause all I really want is
to be left alone
without a home
Heartbreaking conclusion
Sinking in the dead leafs and tears
What a fucked up termination
to rot so slowly without any boldness
Isn´t it my dear?

The other night I didn´t know what kind of dreams
I was made to play
All I knew and all I still do is that
in my dreams I´m a stray
I´m so easy
and I don´t know what I want
Two bloods inside of me
struggling to get their parts

I want to scream in to the canyon
that I want to drown in the sand
I want the wind to cover me up
so I keep on dreaming of a helping hand
I could be one with the snakes, lizards and time
and my story could be a big old lie
You could be one with the engines, gasoline and fire
and your story could be buried with mine

sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2015

Shattered Shells

Do you have anything to say?
Is it really going to be played this way,
you denying all that was there
me trying to show you something´s still here
We just won´t win
´cause it wasn´t meant to be

You were not meant to see inside of me
and I wasn´t a part of your plan to flee
We got caught in the waves
and the sea just got too deep
We were meant to lose
´cause we didn´t know what winning means

Isn´t this a foolish game to lose out at,
no rewards or stakes to win back
You got the closest to a prize I longed for
but you´ll never know why I felt that
You are never going to know the truth
You will never get even close

I´ve written our stories in the night sky
I´ve played all my cards quite right
as right as I could´ve in this state of mind
Do you have anything to say?
It seems like you don´t care that I got tired to play
One step forward, two back, closer to the grave

The salt of the sea burns our eyes
It´s like the sea wants to see us cry
Burning, aching, wanting to change our minds
It chokes and strangles
until we´re still and our heartbeats are bind
We´ll get lost in the sea
just as anyone else who´s like you or me

Your touch was so gentle
and so hard to leave behind
Through the power of the waves and water
the strenght could´ve kept us as one
But it was clear we were never meant to be
when the strain of a surge broke us in parts
So we were, just as before,
only two shattered shells so very lost

maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

Something got Lost in the Forest

Oo, I´ve been haunted
by the crick cracks of the old house and I
I´ve been breaking
I´ve been breaking up in parts so many times
that I don´t know what to say anymore
I don´t know how to keep my cool
I don´t know is it me or you
but I´ve got myself some blues

I think I´ve lost my dancing shoes

Don´t you remember the whispers and lies,
how the old woman was rolling her eyes
As her hand in the fire
my hands are tied
And I know there´s a reason not to open my eyes
The nightmares come back like
they´ve never been left behind

O, I´ve got cracks in my mind
like somebody´s walking there
Like I hear the steps but nobody´s in the stairs
Light makes pretty shadows
but I like the dark more as you´re there
Sometimes I´m afraid of myself
painting with shadows that are not anywhere

I might be a bit scared
of losing my time and dreams
My heart is bursting and my lips are sealed
I don`t know how I could get on through,
get on through and get close to you
When my head is filled with memories
fear and fright left in my old room

Don´t you know my mind is haunted
and I´ll never know what I truly want
I´m chasing nothing but ghosts
Ghosts I left back home
And I don´t know how to keep my cool
And I know it´s not me or you
but I think I´ve got myself some blues
I just need to find my dancing shoes

tiistai 14. heinäkuuta 2015

Yesterday is just a day away

The taste of your sweet, sweet lies
drain on my lips as you make me close my eyes
By your side
it´s so much harder to remember the time
Remember all that´s worthy
remember everything´s fine

All the gloom of yesterday
wanders on my skin by your display
You don´t let me go insane
and that´s what´s wrong with this game
Give me all or nothing just
don´t leave me hanging on this way

I´m too tired to fight with you
or deny what´s growing here
You keep saying that I´m not a fool
but how you could be the one to know
You want to keep the control
and I just hate to hang around
We´re burning it up real slow
though the fire was never allowed

The taste of your sweet, sweet lies
burn my lips even when you´re not around
By your side
it was always so easy to forget the time
Let´s keep on forgetting
all the places we could´ve left behind

Let´s say
France and LA
London, Vienna and Spain
Route 66
all the way

Maybe I don´t want to wake up at home
maybe I want to keep on going insane

Sweet lies
keep me up
and keep me going insane
Let´s keep on forgetting
what it felt like the next day

sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2015

Fire Inside

Well what are you dreaming of,
what did you have in mind?
She could touch your head slowly
and lose it all for life
Your hair smells like ocean
and some teen spirit and wine
Her finger tips painted as the eve sky
makes you grab them tight
Look her in the eye and say where to go
Is it your place or the city night or home
She could make you lose it all
if you´d tell her she should be sleeping alone

Well what does she want from you,
does she know you can not go?
Parts of you must´ve been left to 1992
when your lips turned old
You guess she wants you,
you wonder while touching her hands
Look her in the eye and ask
is she ready to have you as her man
Everybody else seems empty
or too full of liquor and lies
You ask her yet not wait for the answer
you get closer and qrab her thigh

You stare at her gasp
looking you into the eye
She must be living her dreams now
you so close to her she pounds inside
Love, she wants you
her lips are trembling and her gaze is fire
You don´t even know what you feel for her
is it pure or filled with twisted desire
She touches your hair and you know now
she made you lose the night and yourself
You cuff your lips on hers and it´s gone now
The past & the future´s gone and right this is right now

You dived into the ocean you cannot arise from
the waves hold you both tightly
and finally you´re not alone
It feels like both of you breathe through each other
and as you´d have shared your heart
as it pumps blood and glimmer and is hotter
at each detonation you share together

What it could´ve been or how it should´ve gone
doesn´t matter ´cause there´s no more time to run
She wipes her lips and you plan to let her go
You walk away like after an explosion
that you seemed to set up inside her
You made her glow
Now she crackles after your back
She rustles and falls to pieces behind
But now you know
You made her glow
and now you never need to go back
and you´ll be just fine in time

torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2015

He´s singing pretty little lies
about fire and about time
when album covers on the floor meant
only sex and a good time

I´m looking at him and nodding my head
Thinking, and watching, and grinding my leg
Yearning, and waiting
Let´s get the fuck out and wake up in your bed

He´s so full of shit but he knows how to play it cool
I´m playing like I don´t know it,
I like to play by the rules
It´s just that sometimes I forget the book

He´s singing "ooh, baby, baby"
and looking my eye
Want´s to lick his lips I´m sure
but I got first to lick mine

sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2015


Tell me a joke
I want to know
Just what kinds you like
And when it gets bright
and Sun´s about to rise
I´ll go and get home

Should´ve, could´ve, would´ve

I miss you, I´m missing him,
I need him to get under my skin
I need someone to know
what it feels like when there´s something
something that can´t be put into words
But something
something that can only get worse

It should´ve been love
It should be cry
There should be tears falling from the sky
It should be dark if it gets cold
and you should be near when I get old
It should be something else
than this
when cry doesn´t come and all I do is

There´s memories in the air
but I still haven´t made that charm
and you´re not around
Like what the fuck
You should be right here next to me
listening to these sad songs and
laying your hand on me
Kissing softly my cheek and
tasting like dark wine
I should´ve not had

I need you, I´m needing him
I need him to kiss away this grim
I need someone to know
what it feels like to bury something
something that should´ve not been found
Under the smiles
under the laughter and being proud

It could´ve been fun
It could be sweet
There could be tears of joy falling
It could get severe and taste like sin
and you could be the one taking me in
When it gets rough and it gets cold
and I couldn´t fake anymore to be bold
maybe I could weep

Like hey, where are you now,
when I´m ready to fall and
I´m giving it all
to anyone who wants a part of me
A limb or thought, I know
word´s a sword
Fuck, open the door and kiss me to death
Love me and please take my breath

I know it´s you,
and it´s always been
You are too good to be a dream
You´re my lighthouse and haven,
you know it´s true
I was just born to be a fool
I dream and I want to sleep,
sleep with you next to me
Forget all that´s not us
and open my eyes to see
I do

maanantai 4. toukokuuta 2015

Nobody Said Anything About Being a Fool

She wants to believe she got it right
at the first time,
like a guess in a game
when the branches crackled in the frost
and the heart flew a bit like a stony raven
just a bit by bit
but it still flew

He hates that she tends to think she´s right
like those times when she knew he wasn´t alright
even though he thought he played it quite fine
she made up her mind and decided to get under his skin,
playing a parasite within

Nobody said anything about being a fool
When there´s walls and faces you can´t get through
There´s some little rocks that drop between the teeth
and it would be so easy to break it all
Fracture it all that you knew was meant to do

So she believes what she wants to,
with hearing all the sounds but not much listening
And he forgets to tell what really made all the misery
All the softness of a good night kiss
and the pulse and beats of the trembling bliss
when they wait for each other to plead them dry
With the last goodbye

They must get stronger all the time
though the mornings get harder
and the sleep gets thin and slender
She refuses to wake up and he won´t go to sleep
They pretend to dream dreams
while the skin gets warm and tender

Small movement of a finger tip
plays an invitation
Well maybe they could reach each other
in this blue dimension
Dance away the dust of the time
and embrace like they once used to
before waking up

Something moved under it all
when they sighed right at the same time
Nothing was said, dreams didn´t get broken
Something in the corner of an eye told though
that something got left in the dream
and the dream could´ve not been remembered
Morning dust

She couldn´t get through
and he didn´t get enough
Nobody said anything about being a fool
Sometimes dreams just don´t come true
But what can you do than just
sleep on it and
sleep it on through

maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

Otto is the Name pt 2

Oh she looks so average
and pretty and lonesome that way
That he can not but help it
to try to put a smile upon her face
And she smiles a little, timid, tender,
says she doesn´t believe a word
And he knows she doesn´t have to,
if she knows her value and worth
Which is basically nothing,
now, when she´s never heard
In a quarter of a second he paints a picture in his mind
That maybe in a different place and a different time
She could´ve found somebody to hold on tight,
to die for, to smile through life
But now she´s here with him
in an alley so dark and quiet
She´s walking with him like he could show the way
and doesn´t worry about the ending
He could easily let go of her, let her go away
But it seems like she wants to hold on,
like she doesn´t want to let go and like
she doesn´t have a place to go
Figuring that out makes him less interested
and he let´s go of her hand and leaves her
He leaves her speaking to herself for a couple of seconds
before she understands that she´s been left alone again
A tender sparkle runs from her eye to her cheek
and she wonders what did she do wrong this time
Little she knows she got lucky that night
´cause she didn´t get sliced
And all that just because of her tender smile,
lonesome sparkle in her eyes and something in her
that said ”I wouldn´t mind to die”
He may have seen it all in just a few lines,
she wasn´t ready to fight enough for her life
And he got back on trying to find a perfect kind
of love that leaves the body cold inside
when the blood isn´t all that he could grind

The Scarp


did you say something?
Did you call the one you should´ve not
and forget the names and bucket lists
Just to feel like you could let go

You just explain your own words
and try to find a meaning
Even though your bones know
you´d shiver anyway

Her eyes look like moon beams
and his neck's fuzz feels like love
And they count the words they could possibly say
before the clock turns on their way

To say they´re lonely


you´re lonely"
and empty inside
hollow and useless
as the frozen seashells of the shore

And shortly
someone is missing
and another´s left alone
Nobody´s winning
as they already know


did he whisper her name?
While the nights got cold,
and the jokes got old,
did he prompt her?

Even though if he didn´t,
she must´ve heard something
´cause she was ready to run,
ready to say she heard nothing

And hey,

I´m just watching
I´m just listening the wind as it´s breathing
All I can do is let them jump
If they can handle the cold crack
and then
leave them

Trembling their fever,
7 minutes of luck as they lose it all
and gasp for the last memories of bliss
before they unbind

perjantai 23. tammikuuta 2015

Games in 1993 Mode

He said:
"You don´t need to do it right
as long as you do something"
I grind my teeth and bite my lip
He makes me crazy though I shouldn´t give a shit
but I want him to walk with me
Before the Sun gets up,
before his eyes are shut,
before I need to wake up

I have curls in my hair
and lips painted as a bundle of dried roses
waiting to rise up to life
I coloured them without a smile
Thinking how he said
"you looked a lot better
when you didn´t look that way"
He left me wonder something clever to say

And I love to swing, whirl and spin,
make myself invisible again
Blow some kisses that mean nothing
Say goodbyes without feeling a thing
I have my dices just as you have yours
and the aces where my place is
Wherever I lay my head, they might say,
rootless bitch,
haven´t felt home sick in a while
and right now my home is this

He laid his lips too close to my neck,
said: "I want to feel your breath"
but I knew he was just in a need of a ride,
and I was in the right place at the right time
So I said I need to get my dreams in line
and I think you are ready to step behind"
He looked at me like he looked at his mother
when he was 14 and in need of a lover,
thinking "I´m gonna show you in a way or another,
I´m the one who makes the decisions
and you´re not in the place to decide for me"

I let him smell my skin and dance with me
thinking that´s something that sets me free
He said he likes to spin with me
and listen to the songs of 1993
But little did he know those songs make me cry
I forced to close my eyes good and
pressed myself to get blind
"my eyes get bright when I see you lie"
He didn´t hear me and that´s just fine

I´ll be choosing my dress real precise this night,
make my hair so pretty and my eyes real wide
I´ve rehearsed my lines and to be a simple kind,
simple kind of a girl, just right
So he´d say "you´re the one and only one
and the right one so let´s have fun"
I might stagger and waver,
ask him to hold me and forget her
The one with lips as pine flowers,
hair as the sundown in LA

I wait him to smell my hair and compliment my dress
as he always does in the end,
as he always pays me the night well spent
And when he finally says something real
I shut down ´cause I hear him speak
Short he´s real and not enough for me
but for the first time I really see him,
saying "I was lost in the fire last time
and I´m afraid to feel
´cause my skin still hurts"
and I know he means his mind
because life and love might burn

I look at his face and he makes me sad,
thinking he´s still 14 and he´s still mad
He just wants a ride back home
and I was there at the right time and alone
He doesn´t even like the colour of my dress,
my skin´s too pale and my lips too dark
But for me everything else is less
and I like mornings better with it
My armour of lies is better than the defect

By the morning time I have cleared my mind
I can listen to the sad songs of 1993
Strip down and breathe
Fix him off from my dreams,
him saying:
"I didn´t like your feather earrings for real"
and I´m thinking,
"well fuck you, then, and fuck your
pine flower lipped dream"
But, of course, my dreams are new next week

He said:
"If I could choose I´d be free
not with anyone else but me
without any burn marks and hurt
without my girl with LA hair and
maybe your red dress turned into skirt
on my pine wooded bedroom floor"