maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2016


I´m a fool
and I love him

I captured, got
and I lost him

I have nightmares on Mondays
and his hair doesn´t smell like it should
I´m haunted or maybe just scared

I have a yellow summer dress somewhere
I´m dreaming of autumns when I´m afraid
Last time was meant to be for good
but I keep on forgetting

There was touches and fingers gliding
Deep breathing and long gazes
Too many thoughts and too much words
Songs that didn´t mean anything after all

I´m a fool
but I love him

I looked, waved
and I miss him

I wonder where this all comes from
and realize the butterflies may be moths
I´m crazy or maybe just lost

I have songs played on repeat if I want to
I´m drinking red wine in case of emergencies
Late nights used to be for dreaming
but one time my eyes opened up

My old couch gathered up friends and memories
Rumours and poetry
Make up, hand jobs and cruelty
Songs that didn´t mean anything after all

I´m a fool
I betrayed them

I smiled, danced
and forgot them

These songs of weddings and tears,
getting married and buried
I´m fun only when I´m dancing, eyes shut

I have stories I´m too afraid to tell
I have memories I remember too well
I could have words if I wanted to burn in hell
and I´m worried if I don´t have a soul to sell

I have trips and tours behind me and on my mind
I have unicorns and velvet jungles no one can find
I have houses and babies and white fences
and I´m most afraid I don´t have enough time

I´ve been too afraid to watch some shows
and a bit too scared to listen some songs
It seems to be too hard for me to let go
and too difficult to trust anyone I know

I´m a fool
but I love him

I choose, I want
and I need him

I wonder what happens if I let myself be,
choose to dance and live wild and breathe
Write my stories untold, set them free
Believe in all of the you love me's

What if I´m a fool
and happy to say
I got loved
the best possible way