torstai 6. syyskuuta 2012

Tonight, it´s you

I have seen dreams of you
All the nights of this week I have been with you
Doing ordinary things, looking are your closets full
You moved to my neighbour
So we became neighbours
I stared, you stared
Then I woke up

I can´t say I dream of you
But the nights have been quite full of you
I don´t know do I even think of you
but I guess I do
Because I walk with you by nights,
feeling the warmth
When you´re long gone
Letting me wake up

I have been in dreams with you
Chest by chest, heartbeats in you
We have walked the streets, corridors
when you moved to my neighbour
Not like others, you had green doors
I heard your steps before I knew
I had to wake up

I hang on the dreams of you
Worrying I slip, then I lose you
This week I have been hating waking up,
I didn´t even knew
Last night we walked further than before
And just when you caught me
I had to wake up

Tonight I´m waiting for dreams of you
This week I need to get enough of you
Let me watch you do ordinary things, sing
Move away from my neighbour and leave me the key
Don´t you look at me like you don´t know
Tonight I´ll paint your doors
With makeup

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