torstai 2. tammikuuta 2014

Branches and leaves

I like branches and leaves, twigs and creeks, lakes wide open,
cold autumn breeze
I´m from a gorge so deep, forests inside of me,
I´m like moss and stones, swing and toss,
that´s needed to get rid of me
But then again, I´ll get cold at nights,
frosty girl, fucked up mind
Run like hell, hide under the purple sky,
am I sick or do I just lie,
don´t correct me if I´m right,
my lies would be liked
I´m a good friend if you take care of my roots,
love me with my truths, cover up my crust when it cries
So hold me tight, lay beside, sweat and freeze,
breathe deep beneath me, pant and sigh,
whisper like the wind in the gray bay
and you got me for a lifetime

(c) Sandi

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