tiistai 4. marraskuuta 2014

Down to the Desert

I got my heels and you´ve got your car
Let´s get out, I say; let´s get far
The sky is blue and my teeth are strong
Let´s get down to the desert rock
Let´s get down to the desert,
let´s be wrong

You stomped some roses to get some thorns
You asked me to blow and the hurt was gone
The valley´s wide and the sea is far
Let´s burn some sand and let´s find love
Let´s get down to the desert,
let´s get dumb

We have our rockets and some gasoline
You´ve waited so long to get free
The ditches burn and the road is long
Let´s get down to the desert ball
Let´s get down to the desert,
let´s get it all

They have their guns, drugs and taunts
They´ve waited us to get out for so long
The sky is red as my lips and your teeth
Let´s go and burn some rubber and heels
Let´s get down to the desert,
let´s get down to the desert

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  1. Whatever; I'm too clever 'n crazy to disappear. :p Once you've broken a single promise, why not break a thousand?

    --So quiet in here of late. Am I your sole source of inspiration, babe? Not to worry; here she cometh:

    "Song to End All Songs / Gamblers, All / O.K. America / Foreign Tongues"

    call me Joan['Gehenna'] since iMan's gone
    i lost my watch on no man's lawn
    it's kill o'clock in Murder Town;
    my baby shot me up 'n down

    the river gold run down your neck
    the river's marking every deck
    with you the whimper 'comes a bang
    since you're-a-here, let's see that thang

    i'll let you feel my wealth and taste
    i won't let my love go to waste
    now i'm blind i fin'lly see;
    i cast my vice far into thee

    a heart of gold will drag you down
    the choice is yours to burn or drown
    now listen good 'n love me well;
    let's detour on our trip to Hell


    my mama said she's not to blame
    for giving me no final name
    although i'm old to burn and rave
    i'm fond of rising from my grave

    this hall of mirrors is my mind
    if you ain't lost, you may not find
    what's buried 'neath the shining rocks;
    it's not about what's in that box

    if you ain't sharp, they'll cut you down;
    you must go now to your how-town
    there is a drop on every bud;
    you better hope this thing's a dud

    the broken arrow's flying straight
    see Saturn V at Heaven's gate
    or see Death Valley 'fore the flood;
    this stuff is curling up my blood

    there's cryptic clues on every inch
    salt of the Earth, you're just the pinch
    i live in dreams, i'm something else
    some people buy whatever sells [/die in open cells .. can't decide :p]

    there's treasure 'round each fallen branch
    let's formulate this on my ranch
    thru radiance of a thousand suns
    i see the ghost of He-Who-Runs

    i shot the sheriff with his gun
    i could not hear just what i'd done
    'til down that wire flew a light [+video of James Dean's car crash, as imagined... Oh boy, I'd love to make a vid for this song!]
    with greater speed than Dine-a-Mite

    a thousand miles is just a step
    no spider comes without a web
    dearly beloved, we're alive;
    the road is wide, but dare you drive?


    i'm busy dyin' by the road
    this land is different from the old
    but i will love it anyway;
    what's gone too fast will always stay


  2. (spoken, like a black man:) fuck it!

    let's be the lords of our greed;
    let's feast upon each other's need
    let's go where grass is dollar-green
    and snow is like cocaine

    let's eat of hunger, drink of thrist
    let's see who dares to dodge the first
    i'll be the apple of your pie
    for 40 pills and 40 lies

    i would not cut you any slack
    i'd like it roasted on your rack
    i'd climb the sea to Babylon
    to cross the mount of red Sharon

    o pardon me for making scenes;
    i only aim to grace the screens
    this role was made for you and me;
    come yesterday we'll let it be

    the r 'n r's the a 'n o
    i'll never let you let me go
    it's back and forth until it's time
    to turn the whole thing on a dime

    so let's get blue on pink champagne
    shrink(/blow) our heads(/minds) 'n go insane
    we'll dance barefoot a-top this world
    and wear our tears like royal pearls

    oh i don't want to ever cry
    even as you watch me die
    you are the Summer of my mind;
    you make me yearn for ties that bind


    love may be best, but lust's alright
    if we can't kiss, then can we fight?
    this may be wrong, but i don't mind;
    you're the best bitch that i could find

    'there's no such thing as love in vain'
    said lenny c., drunk on the rain
    'all love is either right or wrong;
    there is no weak love nor too strong'

    i know you're just a fairy-tale
    but my last iron's glowing pale
    there's no sense left in anything;
    with you at least i can still sing

    i'm seein' double with your smile;
    whenever's now, it's been a while
    you fucked me up and put me down;
    i'll see your smile and raise a frown


    the company is dyin' down
    just like a king without a crown
    you're the best nightmare that i've seen;
    i'll have you where the blood runs green

    i guess it's time we said our thanks
    for our Lord who's filled these banks
    i'll kiss you when the levee breaks;
    you were the queen of my mistakes


    peek-a-boo 'n trick or treat
    with you it's both each time we meet
    how do you like your lemon drop?
    it's alright, sir, with cherry pop

    tho i'm alone, i'm no cowboy
    this world to you is just a toy
    when all our dreams have gone to bed
    my heart is deep into the red

    i've got the love forever blues
    i think i'd fit in any shoes
    but i don't care to walk the line
    'cause in the end what's yours is mine

    yet nothing comes to those who wait
    if you're the hook then i'm the bait
    so let's keep beating on this thing
    until there's nothing left to sing

    it's time to end this song of mine
    i'm running out of things that rhyme
    but i will speak in foreign tongues
    until my cloudy trophy's hung


    Phew! I've a hoarse throat from singing (droning?) through the whole thing. :D It's three times too long and two times too heavy, and yet the detonator is set exactly right. They're not exactly words of quiet resignation... More like Oppenheimer-verse. Who's singing, to whom, and in which universe? You decide (whether that's a plural or a single 'you', among other things). I just wanted to get it out there -- wherever 'there' is. Nothing is as certain as uncertainty.

  3. As we await our certain destruction, I'd like a minor diversion with you: let us write a song together. No strings attached, natch. I want to see where we could take it... Or where it could lead us. >;) Let your talent mate with mine, to the beat of the world around us. Give me the first verse and I'll give you the second, and so on. You can choose the rhythm &c in your verses; my verses tend to be more like poetry in that they're very rigid, more witty than melodic. I don't hear music in my head, so it's hard to alter the set pattern.
    ... Sort of a theme in my life, that constant head-banging to the same idiotic tune, heh.

    Merry Christmas-waiting-time-thingy. I understand if you're busy.
    That's the thing with us vampires. We can wait whole eternities.

    BLAH! ^^


    (Lana Del Rey + Marilyn Manson -- Sweet Dreams / Dark Paradise)
    (Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise. And as I open them, so it remains, amen.
    It doesn't make it easy to forget things, the way my mind works. Everything in the past is the same, uniform blur
    whether it was 3 days or 5 years ago; with such a mind I've no choice but to be a delusional romantic, really.
    ... I'm not sure if I should be sorry, but if I should, then I guess I am.)

    (Marianne Faithfull - Late Victorian Holocaust)
    (There are no words for it... The only thing I miss in this might be a few snippets of Cave's deliciously evil voice (he wrote it), but anyway it's fine. Horrifically fine. Tread softly on my dreams, my dear(s). I have galaxies to spare, but still. You can never have too many dreams, nor can they ever be too big. ... Should your dreams destroy you, they will have served their purpose. Amen.)

    ... And this song, too, the song I meant to give you last time, E.:

    (Leonard Cohen - Born In Chains)
    (Sensual Elusion indeed, heh. There must be some queer parallel universe through which every moment in every person's life is somehow connected to some Leonard Cohen song. Those are wide parameters, and his songs have wide spaces in them, but still, you have to wonder. As it should be, hm.)

    ... Speaking of spaces, this commenty-space-thingy is *way* too narrow for someone with my... Expressive proclivities. That email, dear? For the song collaboration? I understand; I'm a crazy stalker, etc. But aren't there enough mitigating circumstances, such as the song I just wrote, which is fairly awesome (if I do say so myself)? No prob if not, I guess. :l

    ... Merry Christmas, too, if we won't speak again before it. I might put something together after all, but not until quite some time into January. As a spoiler I might say it's gonna be something delicious. ;)