sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2016

Make Me Real

Do you want to see all the shining black cars with me
and drive down the parkway to the beach
and can you imagine me and you walking down the shore
I´ve always thought you wouldn´t have no boots on
and you´re footprints would tell the long story short
as the waves wiped them and blurred out the marks
You once told me the change was gonna come
and I didn´t believe you until the steps were long gone

Do you want to make me real?

Do you want to swim with me to the rock in the horizon
and plan to swim back by night
and could you stay there if I asked you to
if our warm bodies could save us some time
I´ve always imagined you walking bare foot
and driving the car with black leather boots
But most importantly I never thought I could lose
Lose myself in you
You once told me the change was gonna come
and I believed the moon more than I believed you

Do you want to make me real?

Do you believe me if I say I´ve listened to your heart beats
while you were sleeping, while you were dreaming
I´ve touched your skin in my dreams
and watched you live and believing in me
I always wanted to be real
and you were the only one to hear me weep
in the old rooms, warm afternoons
I was almost close enough for you to feel
but in the end you needed to see me

If you want to make me real
come to the beach and drive me down the streets
I´ll stay in your rear view mirror if you need me,
keep you safe while you drive through the night
If you want to make me real
look for me in the streets, cold mirrors and city lights
I´ll wait for you in your bed at night
Even though you´ll find just the cold sheets

If you want to make me real
believe in me and call my name
When you´re feeling lonely, imagine you can see me
in this summer dress you chose for me
If you want to make me real
remember your promises you made when I was alive
remember that even a ghost can feel
If you really believe in me,
swim the warm summer thrills towards me
You know I´ve loved you since the beginning
and for that I don´t need to live

Sometimes I´m afraid to die
´til I remember I already had my time
And then I´m scared of losing you
´cause if you let me go I´ll stay lost in you
So I wish you to make me real,
to have footprints just like you

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