maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2011

Bleak Bathroom

Forks and victims

The lonely silence,

californication and empty rooms

He went fishing

from a half-full bathtub

A wet thigh breaking

a brake that can´t be broken

Let them go,

dive and drown

Snow white curls

bony fingers

adjusting the crown

Bony fingers,

you got your minutes

Lonely strangers

soles pressing the cold grass

But let them go,

let them dive and drown

Ride the one who wants to be ridden

Write the songs that

want to be written

You got your rare minutes

on your own

The bones will find their way

Back home

- Nona ja Fly seikkailee. Sandi Darling. -

2 kommenttia:

  1. Tää on niin ihana. Rakastan tota loppua.

  2. Kiitos :) Nona ja Fly reissaa, oli pileissä.