maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2012


Lately I´ve been like fuck it
Don´t care about the noise, won´t stop it

Today I want my boys to have shirts with stripes
Me and my girls to have big black eyes
Skins covered, red and white

I want it to be 1995,
black and white or really bright
Want to feel something,
the jeans that are a little too tight
I want it all or nothing,
I want it to be 1995

Need to stare right into your eyes,
fake shyness, but quite bright smiles
Want your hair to do waves like Bongiovi
It´s all deep denial, all white lies

I need it to be like 1995,
Dr Martens boots, running wild
Summer flower dresses and skirts
"I only want to be walking by your side"
Scent of leather jacket,
now you´re mine
I need it to be 1995

Hold your arm on my shoulder,
don´t you hide
Sing na na na na
and a little lie
Try to start the engine, try to pull me closer
And I´m alright

Lately I´ve been like fuck it
"But baby that´s just me"

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