sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

I like my fruits orange

When I´m feeling orange
It´s these autumns with reds and leafs
The houses and homes, roof tops and tiles
Apple trees are for the happy
I get mine for free

When I´m feeling orange
I wish someone next to me
A quiet stranger who wouldn´t ask
Who follows me to the next bench
Leaves me be

I like my fruits with colours
Peel them off and find out
What´s their secret that they can´t tell
That I´ll taste and give out bit by bit
They do know me

When I´m feeling orange
The scents are clear in the breeze
Hands are getting cold
Steaming air´s trying to fool me
That´s how I feel

When I´m feeling orange
I see the lights differently
The sun´s getting cold, candles giving life
City lights are just as home
It´s clear where I want to be

I like my fruits with colours
Make marks on them with my finger nails
That´s the secret I can tell
But you´ll never know
´Cause you can´t get inside of me

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