sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

I really liked this morning

I´ll take my time
and I´ll write that letter
But before all that
I want to feel a little bit better
Like this morning
And I like this morning
when I can wake up whenever I like
Look from the window
stare at the screen
Watch some movies
Brush my teeth
Kiss your cheek
Float in between

And I like that you like it
I like to be silent
I feel for you, babe,
but I can´t always be like that
I have this need to be happy
without any goals
I´m going to take my time
Take a trip,
drink some wine
Don´t want to wait in line
Stand tall,
still high
Not always asking why,
who´s going to die,
who´s living my life
Always that one step behind

But just like this morning
while waiting for something
I´ll start tapping the keys
trying to think of what to dream
or should I just dream the dream
or hunt it down
While I´m in the town
Shouldn´t I live, not frown
I stared at my forehead
somehow I started
Thinking how young I am
and still got wrinkles
My mind still tinkles
I really loved the movie Singles
so maybe something´s there
Now how did I get here?

I mean I should watch these thoughts float
just like in a boat
watching the sky
while the clouds glide by
Shouldn´t hang on those,
shouldn´t grab them,
but just let them go
I should already know
but there´s too much to think
Too much to see,
things I can sink in
things I can´t win
Places I haven´t been in
and places to dream
So here I go again
Again I´m in between

Should I let go
or just leave
There´s countries out there
I haven´t seen
Different clouds to grab
but the sky´s still the same
People who don´t know my name,
they don´t know am I lame or
should I be tamed
Start all over
Find someone to understand
But who can do that
if even she can´t?
Maybe the problem here
is the past
So if I wouldn´t have that
I could turn my back
Have all that

All that I dreamt of
Everything this morning
I should break myself free and
watch some old movies
Do this
Make them believe it
Feel it
Just like in a concert
Wave the hair and hands,
do it for me
I don´t need the hate
nor glory
But I need to walk this path
alone or then you come with me
but then you need to hear me
Feel me
Don´t just roll your eyes
thinking you know me
Know the reasons,
but don´t see me

So once again
I went too far
maybe gave too little
or bursted out too much
I need to learn to ride my mind
Write my own stories
just the right kind
And just as I said
I can´t continue to wait in line
My turn already came
but the ticket´s the thing I can´t find
Maybe it´s ´cause I changed my mind
too many times
Looked everywhere,
afraid to look behind
I bet it´s there
and that´s just fine
I´ll take a new turn
Or maybe
I´ll just take a hike

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  1. Thanks, words are my most sacred treasures, even though they don´t always come out right.