sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

End Up Burning

You know I also hate
slow songs
And my home is where my heart is,
in the forest, in the city streets and in
Palm Desert and
Venice Beach

Let´s go there
and let´s ride
You know the summer´s hot
just the right kind
When you sing to the songs
that were born a long time ago
And your skin is moist
Misty of your choice
to stay here with us
Ride our special bus

I don´t have a licence and
I don´t know how to play that way
but I don´t mind
´cause I prefer to sleep,
weep and cry, laugh in my mind
crawl by your side
and stay that way
Listen to the wind howl
and the sun rustle the day

Let´s swim and dive
Let´s try to break the walls
to the Other Side
You remember that time
and so do I
So rise and get up
and take us with and fly
Let´s go for a ride

We can do it all night
once we start to do it right
Watch as I move and move on to you
You think the music´s over
but then it takes all over you
That´s the ride that feel´s real good
and looks like you feel like it too

Take a swim with us at noon
when there´s no one else in sight
That´s the only way to get you
cooled down after morning
And the weather tries to fool
that if you get any more thermal
and if you add any more fuel
You might end up burning

Touch the skin
like it´s forbidden to dream
We won´t break even though
we´ll bend
And the sun keeps us warm so
we can sleep under the sky
Dive into the night

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