torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Want to be the wolf

I´ll suck on that pencil
while trying to get my groove on
and trying to get on that flow
and get some

Sugary orange soda on the side
now with me and on my lips
we´re both waiting for the summer
to get some

You squint because it´s too bright
and forgot your cheap sunglasses
I´d offer you mine
if I got some

I guess I want to be the wolf

You´ll suck your lips dry
on that hot afternoon
because you´re too kind to ask
do I mind

This is my last one, you´ll see,
and I can´t afford another one,
and baby it´s been the only thing
in my mind

You say there´s something
that might help me choosing
might help me let loose and
change my mind

But I guess I want to be the wolf

5 kommenttia:

  1. Hello again.

    I've decided against my new crusade; it would bring hurt to all parties and little else.
    I aimed to head down from Nuorgam towards Helsinki by bike on the 28th and arrive on the 16th, in time for Lana Del Rey's concert. I'd have written a long letter/blog on the way,
    pleading the case for E. to appear there (I've got two tickets). But even if she did show up, she wouldn't be the E. from my dreams. Better, perhaps, but still. I'll go anyway -- I love journeys far more than people -- but in silence.
    (Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine)

    Here's the video I found in my preparations. In case E. hasn't seen it, it will complete her summer. Yours too, I bet. You're two sides of a coin, or rather two metals in its make. If you looked a bit more like her, I guess I'd try and charm you instead. :) I've a feeling you like life as fantasy more than she does. Ah well.

    If all goes well, this is the last you'll hear from me. I know I've said that before, but with my new body I'd be remiss not to seek new targets.

    I was made to praise things, so I must.

    Give my best to your other half. To our beautiful, merciful E. -- the Divine Mistress at the End of it All. She was and will ever be my midnight sun; my living daylight. The eye in the storm of the world; the handle on life's door. Reality's very best angel. Fickle at times, like all things divine. Even while she leaves your body, she'll never leave your mind. (On the heart I've no authority, having cruelly murdered mine.)

    Hers in dreams for ever and ever,

    your ever-dramatic V.

  2. So E. does want the letter then? She's been silent at RR. I really can't take a hint you know. Your telepathic mind-witch shtick has made me wary of all subtleties.
    Not that your new song is very subtle, but anyway. It could just be a 'coincidence' .....................

    Or is that 'oh my fuckin god he's a stalking lunatic maniac weirdo with no life'..? 'Cause I'm used to those. Romance is dead to modern times. And I just said that I have a life. Or plan to get one. Baby-steps, ladies. :D

    Anyway. Pics or it won't happen. With my record I'm not starting anything.
    It's always been like this with me, always will be:

    "Permission to rock your world, ma'am?"
    "YES ma'am, rock it I shall!" :D


  3. She wouldn't have to actually come, you know. The picture is just to bait me, to make me chase her ghost. Otherwise I'll never make it in time. :) I'll like the hurt of her not being there almost as much as her showing up. One of my grand faults. And I'll find someone to take the other ticket. I'll have 1,400 km to think about a line to that effect; I'm sure that even I will manage.

    If there's no picture/smth by tomorrow morning, I'll conclude I'm a delusional twit who should disappear for ever... And do exactly that (knock on wood, this being E. after all).

    I'll tell you ladies, it's a waste of a perfectly good six-pack. And no, still sober as ever. ;)

    Ah. Happy summer, happy life, happy Lana no matter what. How many times have you listened to it? I'm sure I'm up to 100.


  4. P.S. Forgot this -- go on and see 'The Great Gatsby'. Then we'll have met for all intents and purposes. And it's a fine movie. Farewell now. Ne'er goodbye. :)
    (Leonard Cohen & Jennifer Warnes - If It Be Your Will)