sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Roll Down South

At noon I´m on my way
I´ll promise you that
I´m sipping that drink and watching the waves,
writing my future on my mind
Dreaming behind my sunglasses
of new friends from Friday nights
I´ve always loved those city lights
Under them we´ll shine so bright

Laying on the sand and curl my toes
you make my tongue curl too
You asked me what do I want to do
So let´s go to L.A.
dance on the streets ´til we´re through
Though I´m not too sophisticated
I am no fool for you

Heading to south with
wind in our hair
this is a movie we can not end
We´ll just roll our eyes and roll on
and roll to the south and to the end
If we won´t break on through we will bend
just enough to kiss and tell

Our bodies are pumping and shaking
like the music lives in us
The denim looks like it´s burning
on a skin tanned slighlty
I can´t fake it, I like it
when he´s coming closer to me
We know how to make excuses
Now I wonder what the excuse is

There´s a fire to dance around to
and secrets that haven´t been told
The night is getting older and
you´d think it would get colder
but your hand on my leg warms me
when the others can´t see
They dance around like our friends do
but here I am with you

Wake up on the beach
and the sun hurts our heads
You seem to have crawled away from me
and my friends have gathered beside
You won´t even look at me when you get up
and, hey, that´s just fine
That´s just my style,
one of my favourite lies

I need to leave by noon
and leave my dreams behind
So they´ll turn to gold
and make the footsteps fly
Make my mind to challenge it self
and my heart to burn it´s sides
Open my eyes to new stories
and make up new lies

4 kommenttia:

  1. Luin tän pari kertaa ja toisella kerralla RAKASTUIN tähän! Näen tässä jotain ihanaa todellisuutta, asioiden tavoittelua, pakoilua ja ja ja.. Ah! Ens kesänä sit, nukahetaan rannalle! Hihih.

  2. Joo sellanen tää on... Vähän kuin kaikki muutkin, samanlaisia, mutta inspis tuli niin täytyi laittaa ylös. Kiitos!

  3. THANK YOU sweet E. for your new ones (phone says ive no right of email;sry for this s.). I know u didnt make them for me and thats perfect.Irony or parody cant touch you after all these years.thats what ive always yearned for in u--perhaps thats the right word,to long for or yearn--that u can live life so well,as ur very name tells.To me a beach is a concept as well as tan and lotion,salt and sand;and to live in a world of concepts is infinitely sad. A sunny beach is one of the best places to practice infinite sadness in,but still.--I hope your fathers alright and u r alright & everythings alright that could go wrong (been reading j.kerouac-'mad jack'-xan u tell?).i read on the beach & wind played my spine like a harp. 'Tis a most romantic city im in.can u guess? Did i fly to paris or berlin? No;its in Oulu that Eden is.its rifh here on the beach,in name and concept. there was a litehouse & windmills (build them for the beauty i say; screw the economics!) and grand flocks of girls w/ dresses swayin in the breeze like bright red candles of hope. In tune with Sweet Sad Everythin i took pictures & made poems in my it tears me that u cant write it down!theres no pic of a sunset or poem of love or loss in the world.that is how it must be--for if the perfect poem could be writ why make new ones? Rimbaud claimed to have tried it;i wonder if he lied & was the last romantic. --why do i tell u these things? I gotta tell some1 & u listened in the past.forgive me for this & future sins for theyll b many; i cant leave u in the dark as concerns lanas gig at least. :) -ur blazin mad V. w/ ghost of jack k.,equally or more mad,who btw tells me that ur every toenail is holy,ur every poem is sweet, ur eyes r like toxic candy ur hair = music & ur body is love & we should kiss now for all else'd be hopelessly mad.jack said it,not me. *)

  4. Greetings from the wilderness.air's heavy w/ thunder.more jack.more miles.more Lonely. Got a blues song of great succint power-less=more ive learned-not inspired by u E.Just came to me an i wanted u to hear it.just imagine Howlin Wolf singin.well howlin--u know what i mean. "In the warm/warm summer rain/ yes in the warm/warm summer rain/ i'm-a go go go go go/go right insane/ Well i got a woman/like a mean ol thundercloud/yes ive got a woman/ohoo like a thundercloud/she just cracks out-a-lightnin/if i ever make a sound/ Well im-a swim over/over the northern shore/yes im gonna swim/swim over northern shore/im a ten-thousand-miler/if i get outta the door/" Feels wrong to write such stuff in Evijärvi 'stead of L.siana Bayou--but i doubt they felt right at the Bayou either. --We're removed now,i get it.i do remember The Deal--'let me stew in silence'.the Finnish me is gone,rarely missed.i always wanted to be legend.just wish i didnt hurt so many & that there were more ppl in many hate evryday ****-so few do anything about it.fear for their love perhaps.with u E. i could have it all--inner&outer,real&regal world. alas,etc.lines from a great song-last lines often come first: "u still have the spell that blew up my heart/ but love has no mercy,it cannot be charmed/" Do u know how hard it is to write these things w/ no-one there to comfort u? Do u know how it tears me to read of your cats and sowing-birds w/out being there by quiet moonlight to hold ur shoulder;just lean on it and hold on like its the rock of the world,the root of reality? I guess u do.hence the love to try and tel some martian how the best thing on our planet is also the cruelest.--i dont wanna spoil ur summer.i love sorrow,too,almost as much as i do you.t y for the many shades u continue to draw. -V. ur lone star ranger