tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

Two Hours of Both Sides

Smile is just a disguise so sweet
and ignorance is a well practised bliss
Everybody must think they know everybody else so very well
and that´s how I´ve felt so long and, well,
there are times it feels better to dwell
in a good, cozy self hatred hell and
dream of just wishing this all farewell but
just in the last moment,
something happens and so everything happens
and I´m ready to build everything up again

It´s in the little steps, Sun and Rain,
the wisdom of the Earth and Time,
I gather it all and bathe in them
sop it all and breathe them in
Inhale as long as I feel I´m smothering
and it all happens so damn readily that
I wake up gasping something real
That´s not me, that´s not what it seems
I can´t decide what to feel

The fear of the feeling when everything starts to fall apart
That I´ll lose all the memories somehow
is a stone in my private rock ´n roll show and
my burden of having fun and letting it go
And it´s like I´m in the middle of something,
like the moment right now is everything but still
nothing and I´m torn in directions
Tell me where to go

There are too many dreams for me to handle
though I can´t see through the fog
I thrash though I don´t need to struggle
and I fight though I let others overhaul
I don´t want to try just to see I´ve lost
I don´t want to see how much it´s cost
I don´t want to lose everything I love
I rather lose my strenght and self
Just time to time

And there are times I need everything
A permit to let go
Saved from my own pit
Help to choose which way to go
Tell me am I real or not
Put me down so I feel I´m alive and
pick me up when I can´t decide my goal
And end those fights in my head
so I can finally forget

To choose between everything
To talk shit of things
To trick I´m sick and
sick of it
To fake I live when I´m stuck
in undone and carry everything with
and break my back because of it but
To breathe in this moment is all
Am I right?
It´s all I really need but
the hardest skill to master
in a one life time

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