keskiviikko 30. heinäkuuta 2014

Close My Eyes to See

I want to wake up with you
in the middle of the night
and look to each other
dive into the eyes
Electric blue
and Shangri-La
I was made for loving you
We were made to be the Stars

I´ll count you and read you through
If you want me you´ll do it too
I can kiss your pain away
if you can kiss me to smile again
And I´ll absorb your life lust through your skin
I love you and I will never give in

´Cause I live for your rain
I love when you drain all over me
When your pain comes a part of me
and when I dissolve into your cells
and can be called a part of you

And the heat becomes a lake
and a need to gasp some air
I feel like I´m drowning
in a most beautiful way
The salt of your skin may save me
when I gasp the life in you

I want to wake up with you
as I want to lay down to bed
Touch your skin and neck
Kiss your arm instead
I want to get close to you
Feel your heart pound on me
Close my eyes to see
You´re the one for me

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