tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2014

A Suddle Lean towards Day Dreams

As the evening reaches the medianoche
and the car is reaching it's destination
some heads are colliding to each other
and some thoughts are put on another
What if
What if tonight is meant to get together
Arm on a shoulder
that´s goosefleshed altogether
Bleary gaze to somewhere unknown
that´s maybe known by your name

What if
the night could be stopped right here?
On that leather car seat
Thighs are getting itty bitty sticky
because of all the heat
Maybe the skirt was a little too short,
maybe he´s reading it as a lead
Heart might just skip a beat
or two because of all the need
But who needs heart beats
when there´s other means

Turning the music a little louder
Skinny dipping in the lake
Taking a walk and wait to get followed
but being afraid the night gets hollow
And when the night reaches tomorrow
There would be moments to borrow
to another nights dreams
and close to the first sun beam

Winced as they´d wake up from a day dream
they ´re still riding to get there
Nobody knows what their looks might mean
They might be a bit blind themselves
But if he makes a suddle lean
and if she closes it as a deal
Maybe nothing could be concealed
as what it comes to what they feel
What if
What if that´s all they need?

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