sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014

Bitter & sweet

Drink it up
drink your bubbly water, your coke
Listen to me,
listen to me hard and real close
I have a story that I can´t let go
but I need to pass it on
so I can move on with my other jokes

You know the feeling when you´re lost
You know you shouldn´t buy it
because you know how much it costs
But you want it so hard
without it you´re just lost
You think you want everything or nothing at all
But you forgot how much it hurts to fall

Maybe in time I learn to sing my lines
Maybe the time really heals everything alright
but what if there´s wounds too deep to mend
´Cause you cut them oneself with a rusty blade
There´s ways to get broke and broken
because it stings too hard just to bend

Drink it up
drink your salty tear drop liquor
drink your bitter wine
My story is about the time, lies and life
that if you want to build you need to grind
And as I said, I really didn´t mind
But maybe it´s the best to move on
to the next line
And maybe in the next life
there´s no need for cuts too deep
But the jokes are just as fine

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