sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

You Drove All Night

You say you can´t drive fast enough
so let´s read each other's minds
Close your eyes and ask me to close mine
Leave everything else behind
I see you walking like Eastwood
Wonder if I could get closer to you
But you have nothing for me, don´t you?

Somebody could say we´re keeping a secret
but what kind it could be
if you´re not next to me
So close your eyes and try to hide
I´ll find you anyhow in time
Staring the ground, kickin´ the leaves
Somebody´s losing this hide and seek

Show me your sign, stomp the ground
I hear your black boots making a sound
You´ve stopped the car to think things over
but what good has thinking ever done to you?
You want things to change and I´m so afraid
that I could help you to play the game again
But I´m not too good on winning,
my game is to lose

Wait just a moment, don´t open your eyes
What if I asked you to look behind?
I´d be glad to stand just there but
this game has made us a little blind
So after a long wait and a cold night
I hope you´ll take a U-turn
and head back to the city lights

I really wasn´t there
You really drove all night
It´s just that the way we´re clearing our minds
doesn´t seem so right
I´d rather lose a moment with you
than see you losing your life
It´s just the way reality bites

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