maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

The Scarp


did you say something?
Did you call the one you should´ve not
and forget the names and bucket lists
Just to feel like you could let go

You just explain your own words
and try to find a meaning
Even though your bones know
you´d shiver anyway

Her eyes look like moon beams
and his neck's fuzz feels like love
And they count the words they could possibly say
before the clock turns on their way

To say they´re lonely


you´re lonely"
and empty inside
hollow and useless
as the frozen seashells of the shore

And shortly
someone is missing
and another´s left alone
Nobody´s winning
as they already know


did he whisper her name?
While the nights got cold,
and the jokes got old,
did he prompt her?

Even though if he didn´t,
she must´ve heard something
´cause she was ready to run,
ready to say she heard nothing

And hey,

I´m just watching
I´m just listening the wind as it´s breathing
All I can do is let them jump
If they can handle the cold crack
and then
leave them

Trembling their fever,
7 minutes of luck as they lose it all
and gasp for the last memories of bliss
before they unbind

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