maanantai 6. huhtikuuta 2015

Otto is the Name pt 2

Oh she looks so average
and pretty and lonesome that way
That he can not but help it
to try to put a smile upon her face
And she smiles a little, timid, tender,
says she doesn´t believe a word
And he knows she doesn´t have to,
if she knows her value and worth
Which is basically nothing,
now, when she´s never heard
In a quarter of a second he paints a picture in his mind
That maybe in a different place and a different time
She could´ve found somebody to hold on tight,
to die for, to smile through life
But now she´s here with him
in an alley so dark and quiet
She´s walking with him like he could show the way
and doesn´t worry about the ending
He could easily let go of her, let her go away
But it seems like she wants to hold on,
like she doesn´t want to let go and like
she doesn´t have a place to go
Figuring that out makes him less interested
and he let´s go of her hand and leaves her
He leaves her speaking to herself for a couple of seconds
before she understands that she´s been left alone again
A tender sparkle runs from her eye to her cheek
and she wonders what did she do wrong this time
Little she knows she got lucky that night
´cause she didn´t get sliced
And all that just because of her tender smile,
lonesome sparkle in her eyes and something in her
that said ”I wouldn´t mind to die”
He may have seen it all in just a few lines,
she wasn´t ready to fight enough for her life
And he got back on trying to find a perfect kind
of love that leaves the body cold inside
when the blood isn´t all that he could grind

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