sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2015

Fire Inside

Well what are you dreaming of,
what did you have in mind?
She could touch your head slowly
and lose it all for life
Your hair smells like ocean
and some teen spirit and wine
Her finger tips painted as the eve sky
makes you grab them tight
Look her in the eye and say where to go
Is it your place or the city night or home
She could make you lose it all
if you´d tell her she should be sleeping alone

Well what does she want from you,
does she know you can not go?
Parts of you must´ve been left to 1992
when your lips turned old
You guess she wants you,
you wonder while touching her hands
Look her in the eye and ask
is she ready to have you as her man
Everybody else seems empty
or too full of liquor and lies
You ask her yet not wait for the answer
you get closer and qrab her thigh

You stare at her gasp
looking you into the eye
She must be living her dreams now
you so close to her she pounds inside
Love, she wants you
her lips are trembling and her gaze is fire
You don´t even know what you feel for her
is it pure or filled with twisted desire
She touches your hair and you know now
she made you lose the night and yourself
You cuff your lips on hers and it´s gone now
The past & the future´s gone and right this is right now

You dived into the ocean you cannot arise from
the waves hold you both tightly
and finally you´re not alone
It feels like both of you breathe through each other
and as you´d have shared your heart
as it pumps blood and glimmer and is hotter
at each detonation you share together

What it could´ve been or how it should´ve gone
doesn´t matter ´cause there´s no more time to run
She wipes her lips and you plan to let her go
You walk away like after an explosion
that you seemed to set up inside her
You made her glow
Now she crackles after your back
She rustles and falls to pieces behind
But now you know
You made her glow
and now you never need to go back
and you´ll be just fine in time

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