tiistai 14. heinäkuuta 2015

Yesterday is just a day away

The taste of your sweet, sweet lies
drain on my lips as you make me close my eyes
By your side
it´s so much harder to remember the time
Remember all that´s worthy
remember everything´s fine

All the gloom of yesterday
wanders on my skin by your display
You don´t let me go insane
and that´s what´s wrong with this game
Give me all or nothing just
don´t leave me hanging on this way

I´m too tired to fight with you
or deny what´s growing here
You keep saying that I´m not a fool
but how you could be the one to know
You want to keep the control
and I just hate to hang around
We´re burning it up real slow
though the fire was never allowed

The taste of your sweet, sweet lies
burn my lips even when you´re not around
By your side
it was always so easy to forget the time
Let´s keep on forgetting
all the places we could´ve left behind

Let´s say
France and LA
London, Vienna and Spain
Route 66
all the way

Maybe I don´t want to wake up at home
maybe I want to keep on going insane

Sweet lies
keep me up
and keep me going insane
Let´s keep on forgetting
what it felt like the next day

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