maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2015

It doesn´t give us Sixes

Who is it
who knocks on your door?
Who says you don´t need it
but makes you want more
It has yellow eyes and serpent thighs,
it lingers through your fingers
as quick sand and silver
It smells your weakness and
gropes you by it
It´s lips plead your virtue
and licks your skin wet
It makes you sour and it makes me high
It tricks us the power to roll the dice
It doesn´t give us sixes, it always stops at five
but it´s the room for satisfaction
that time to time, makes us thrive

It sounds like 1993 as it yearns for you and me
It has a thirst that´s infinite
and it always buys the drinks for free
Though it´s never on the house,
at the latest the ice makes us bleed
It makes you sleep and comforts you in need
It gives you the hand and then smacks you on it´s feet
We confuse it with love but it´s just blood and meat
It doesn´t take us for granted
it just takes us, and that´s it

It whispers:

"You know you don´t want me
I know I don´t need you
But it´s nice to meet you
and kill you slowly
I´m the serpent
and I´m the wasteland
I´m your fate and I´m your dreamland
I´ll dance you wet and kiss you to death
I´m the one for you
and you´re my number one pet"

So who is it
who calls you at 3.16?
It reminds you of it
and you can´t go back to sleep
You don´t worry what it could do to you and me
You worry you won´t be missed or missed out on,
´cause you want to be the one to leave
You want to be the one to mean something
and believe when it breathes it´s lies to your ear
You want to be it´s only, the one and only
and listen to the songs together, feeling lonely
You try to deny that you´ve heard it´s invite
and for the next couple of lives
you pretend to forget it´s right
You belong to it
and it belongs in you
It´s the song you can´t forget
and it´s the one that´s playing you

2 kommenttia:

  1. It's been a long time since I've had a five. Thank you.

    "Roaming / Restless / Bad Goodbye / Faceless Love / One More Summer Day"

    no matter where i'm roamin', my heart won't let me rest
    wherever i'm a-stayin', i feel like just a guest
    who's welcome is to partin' as the worst to best

    my home within the hour of the bitter night
    warms me where i'm hurtin' even as i fight
    turnin' in my burnin' to be out of sight

    's long as i remember, and for longer still
    i have been a-searchin', a valley or a hill
    where to lay my worry, or to bind my will

    in the night i found it, there i saw it gleam
    in the eyes that saw me through the dust of dreams
    it seems to me that my love is not as she seems

    i fear my love is faceless, and i love my fear
    we are always parted, even when we're near
    this love of mine is burning all that i hold dear

    it seems to me it's holy to look on beyond
    but my very bareness is a dress i've donned
    i would doom me gladly for a love that's fond

    it's true that i still need you to jazz up my blues;
    you would only look down to check out your shoes
    even if i'd win you, we could only lose

    the only thing i'm good for is for bad goodbyes
    i will bring you rainbows of the distant skies;
    you will be the sweetness in my by-'n-by

    even as i'm leavin', my heart it cries to stay
    the best that i can do now is to stay away
    i would trade all winter for a summer day

    my hollow heart's a-beatin'
    for a summer day
    for one more summer day
    oh for one, one, mo-o-o-ore
    suuum-mer day

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ^^

    Happy (late) New Year, blossom dearies -- and a fine next summer. :) (Can you fault me for singing to a song like yours, with a song like mine? Goodbyes are always relative, like anything else, with abstract souls like you and I.)

    When will I sing to you again? Not for a long time. It was true about the things I've found, believe it or not. But they're only *just* enough to keep me away, and with you dangling a pack of Metaphorical brand cigs right under my conceptual nose like this, it's proving *very* hard to quit. :Z (I suppose it *does* answer my question, so thank you.)

    --There may be more things soon, and more reasons to stay gone. We shall see. But I will make songs -- *if* I'll make them -- and nothing else at least. And not for a long time (the vid I posted at the top sort of sums up all my efforts, past, present and future; my songs are all but variations on the same, grim theme: all-consuming, blind desire, heedless of others or their desires. There may be one or two exceptions; but I only *received* those songs. I didn't *write* them, as such. Anyway, I cannot turn off this setting in my mental system, so it's best that I stay in regions where it can cause no undue interference.).

    So, again, one more frail faretheewell (who's counting? :p),


    P.S. An account you should follow on that fabled service, Instagram (oh yes, I'm there as well! Can you find me? =0): @vainmuijajutut . --Perhaps E's over some of those things now. You'll never be over any of them. You'll be one of our famed tattooed grannies! xD Clouds in your coffee and vanity in your fat red heart for all time. *)

    P.P.S. I did go to Norway and it's totally worth it (although my knee made a grave protest). Start from Tromsö and head West though, for the best views. I guess you might already know this, since J. took a head-start up there. In a perfect world she would've waited for me there... But we'll never live in such a world -- and all the better, since if we did, where could we go from there? Hm, hm.

  2. P.P.P.S. The real question, amid all these flim-flam flip-flops, is staggeringly obvious: Why aren't you on a world tour when you can write songs like this on a mere whim? Serious question; you rarely see such high-caliber lyrics, especially in these days. Of course you could already be performing, for all I know. But if not, it's something to really think about.