maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2015

The Canyon

I want to get drowned
in the canyon,
get lost in the wilderness
sometimes all I want is
to get lost in my own head
by myself
on my own
Heartbreaking suffocation
Coughing up the sand and tears
What a fucked up situation
I got tangled in my own web of fears

The other night I dreamt a dream of you
Yesterday I couldn´t figure out if it was true
I can´t remember your face when I´m down
I guess it´s ´cause you dont´t want to be found
You´ve grown so deep inside of me
that I can´t tell the difference between
You´re like the song I hear in my sleep
and awake I´m just moving my lips

I want to scream in to the canyon
that I want to drown in my sleep

I don´t want to get lost between the lines
I don´t need you to read me
When I close my eyes I just
I just hope that something breaks me
Something without a name, something un-known
Something that makes me cinder and bones
These dreams make me hate the reality
that tries to force me to make up my mind

I want to get drowned
in the forest,
sleep forever on the hummocks
Freeze to death so sweetly,
´cause all I really want is
to be left alone
without a home
Heartbreaking conclusion
Sinking in the dead leafs and tears
What a fucked up termination
to rot so slowly without any boldness
Isn´t it my dear?

The other night I didn´t know what kind of dreams
I was made to play
All I knew and all I still do is that
in my dreams I´m a stray
I´m so easy
and I don´t know what I want
Two bloods inside of me
struggling to get their parts

I want to scream in to the canyon
that I want to drown in the sand
I want the wind to cover me up
so I keep on dreaming of a helping hand
I could be one with the snakes, lizards and time
and my story could be a big old lie
You could be one with the engines, gasoline and fire
and your story could be buried with mine

3 kommenttia:

  1. Expect nothing from me. I have found other pursuits (finally).

    Thank you for the good things, and sorry for the bad. Goodbye,


  2. And *now* *you* choose to talk to me -- now when I say goodbye to you both? Was there ever a bigger tease than you (apart from E., that is)? :Z It would be par for the course for me to haunt you instead -- but I'm too tired. And to haunt one of you is to haunt the other.

    I guess I still want to know whether I inspired any of your songs -- to any degree? Not that it really matters much; but I'm curious and I know I can't trust my judgment in these things.

    Even though I'll be silent, I'll visit here from time to time. I'd kill for some of your lines, and I still wouldn't say 'no' if you'd want to collaborate. Anyway, if you ever fancy it, just give me a holler. :)


    P.S. I was terse on purpose in order not to get carried away; what can be said has been said too many times, and can only wear with repetition. I did write a beautiful letter -- but I wrote it chiefly to myself, like all the others. It is a fault that I'm built upon, unalterable. Maybe I could use the lines, the best ones from the letter I mean, in the book I'll write -- if I ever get it done. In that case you can read them from the copy that I'll be sending you two. Until then, farewell.