keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2016


I know our seconds have felt like decades
and I don´t even know do I have anything more to say
I guess your words are lost in the sea
and I keep on forgetting too easily

What is there tomorrow
if I start gambling today
I keep counting the moments and
I can´t keep the numbers straight

I don´t know could you change my mind
but I know I can´t play against the time
I feel like I have all the cards but
never a full hand or a winning line

I don´t know which of these feelings I feel most
and I feel like a fraud for quite a good reason
I know I´ve made promises and I think I believed them
but lately I´ve felt like I need to run

I know I may not win anything
I know I may break everything
But I don´t even know who I am
maybe I need to feel what it´s like to get broken
I just want to do it without breaking a thing

I am lost and I feel like I need to save my self
I feel I´m running miles everyday
Maybe it doesn´t change to anything better
but I feel like I can´t keep fooling us this way

And it´s nobody´s fault but mine
I feel like I can´t keep losing more time
or more of my mind
Maybe this is the way I´ll lose it all but
I know I need to look so I could find

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