keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2016

Maybe I´m going to Rome

Maybe I´m going crazy
or just staying insane
I can´t keep you out of my mind
and I can´t forget your face
Your way of loving me
moves me time to time
My ways of losing you
is all I have sometimes

Maybe you are the one
with your striped shirt on
and your finger in my mouth
Maybe you´re just a passer by
with just as chapped lips as mine
The cuts will heal in time

We can´t be the only ones
there must´ve been true love before
All my life I´ve been waiting
but now I feel it´s long gone
Maybe I´m just crazy
not to keep you for a fool

It´s been years since I last did this
and I keep on going back in time
I remember the way you looked
when you looked at me for the first time
Maybe it wasn´t just a moment,
maybe it started a life time

Maybe I´m going crazy
or just keeping myself insane
Maybe you´re not the one,
maybe you´re just a game
Your way of kissing me
is the best way of saying take care
Your way of looking at me
says all and nothing, it´s fair

You don´t need to tell me lies
and I don´t need to act surprised
You don´t know sometimes I lose my mind
and lately it´s been lost to you
So fuck all that´s right and mind
I need to have the right to stay true

I´ve lost myself to you,
my mind is inside of you
my heart got stuck
in the sole of your shoe
I must be going crazy
to think I don´t need you
´cause I already know
your going to give me the blues

I may be sitting on this table
writing and crying away
But I need to see it coming
and I´m just not going to wait
If I don´t have you
I´m going to have this coffee cup of mine
and if I won´t have you
I have the next one waiting in line

Maybe I´m going crazy
or just wishing to stay sane
But I feel like there´s nothing
that could kill off this flame
I keep going back in time
to visit you my friend
and if it´s meant to be
you will look at me the same way

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