tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

30 miles/hour

I wish I had my hair coloured with watery pastels
and black as a raven, wings as blinks of a night
and those sunset coloured whispers
as the car symbols for the freedom
and me laughing on it's ride

My summer´s almost gone and it waves with a thunder
and a grey, moist asphalt
Don´t get me wrong, I´ve always loved the rain
and the weird wind, trying to scare us to think
that the autumn is falling on us

Only few people are walking on the street, and those who are,
have already forgotten how to swim in the laughing sea
They colour themselves in dim, matching to the asphalt,
and I wonder do they feel the same way as I do
Do they think they don´t have any time left?
Are they waiting for the weekend?

I tried to take some photos and pictures,
but most of all I wanted to write a lot
and I am disappointed in myself for not trying any harder
I´ve just waited, lying, watching the waves as hours
Blues, blacks, greys, browns, even some greens
Sometimes and that´s a lot of times,
I wonder do they notice me

I am an average, but my dreams are high
They are hard to catch and sometimes, which is a lot of times,
I think to myself are they even forth it
Thinking how nice a bright green car looks like
Thinking that pink trousers do not cover up the boring beige coat

And I love those little birds,
sparrows bathing in small puddles
and the thoughts of seagulls nesting
and the rapid steps of a madman
and the pleased smile of a corgi dog

It´s 30 miles / hour
but there´s dancing and a mystical office,
places I´m not allowed to see,
apartments where heads have been cooked and
a solid rock to spend sunny evenings on

I´m thinking more than I´m dreaming
and I spend a lifetime on watching
I want my hair to be golden
but right now I´m happy with my eyes
They look whatever they like
and they photoghraph every bite
Click and roll
It´s in my mind

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