keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

Ain´t Life Such a Beach?

You knew I´m not bad
and I knew you were lying when you
told me you got sad
But that´s fine ´cause I thought about it for a while
and got into a conclusion that we
have golden souls
We are dumb enough to forget everything and
move on to nothing
Get warm, cuddle and feel something,
be nice to each other and feel nice
around one another
Or just as you´d like, one on other
I´m happy I keep on remembering those steps back
from the beach and each other

My leg stayed on the other

But they keep on watching how we move on and
hopefully to the wrong direction,
maybe they think that they know it all just by a
pity reflection
They don´t seem to get it,
that us two have something though we hid it,
disguised carefully underneath all of it,
us two have golden souls
Every pink dream has something dark in it
and dim corners are filled with our favourite colours
More flavours than you could feed with

Oh, don´t they just want to hit it

Let´s walk down to the national park and get high there,
maybe we could hide there
Seek me, find me, look for each other
Hours could be moments and they would pass us by there,
we wouldn´t move on, we´d just lie there
Find each other again and again,
until forever and nowhere
Let´s look into the eyes, promises and lies,
we have golden souls
and bare love to never let go
so don´t you dare go there

Loving life ain´t always that fair

But when I´m having that drink in my hand
and my eyes are spinning the world
Laughter is the sweet game and
I like to play with words
but the cruelest way to cut out the wings
is to fade away
Glasses are marked with red lipstick
which I´m quite proud of in a weird way
I made a mark on something though and forget I will end up dead
Even if it happened already yesterday,
I´m dreaming my days in my sweet bed
Gin tonic wouldn´t add up with sobriety,
it tastes better with a lime
Life and death are just two different sides
of the same, crooked dice

Golden souls mean nothing at all in the hot summer night

My neck is bleeding but I don´t hurt
I swing by the moment and never get hurt
my fingers do their job too well
they knot and tie down everything
Just for example
I can get my mind twisted
and just by a few moves
it´s all torn, fucked and long gone
and just like that, I just move on
and with the snap of a finger I´m back on
Just like that we just groove on
Just like that it´s bye, bye,
lose my head and die
but just for a little while
´cause golden souls can fly

I´m talking about you, you, you and I

Mistakes may be done,
but do not get fooled by anyone
and what was the quote saying
about the shame on someone?
There should be none,
except a little wistful moments for one,
once in a while a little or more fun,
getting it on with some loved one,
and make a moment
to last for the summer
Stop and think, hon´,
ain´t life such a beach?

Golden souls may be hard to reach

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