sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014


You said you like them blonde and bad
a little read headed, a little sad
You like them if they like you playing in a band
Little fan girls trying to grab your hand
But you live for the messy hair mistress
so you can´t see forest from the trees
She´s like a cup of coffee in a morning distress
and you can´t touch any of your other dreams
So you swing into the music and think it´s good to hide there
and you think of dreaming of something else
But something holds you back
Maybe it´s better to lay down and watch the waves instead

She has loved you since she can remember
You have really tied her around your little finger
but maybe you just haven´t noticed that
She might have taken you for granted in fact
but she loves you
and you must love her
There can´t be any other good reason for you to keep it up with her
´Cause sometimes she´s a mojo killer, you say
with a loving smile on your face
My sad conclusion is that you must really love her
in better and in worse
until the end of your days

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