maanantai 9. kesäkuuta 2014

The Spirit Wanders Through the Kiss

He touches her slowly
like he´s imagined it many times before
he slides his palm along her skin
that´s already kissed by the noon
She´s going to deny him soon
Forbid him to make any dreams come true
She closes her eyes and touches his hand,
she must stay strong for the sake of this man
She leans on to the cold glass door
and glides her fingers on the rough wall

She says
"Maybe in a different time
if the streets were wet enough
if the Music would never stop
I would make you mine
If I could drink you up,
drink you up ´til the last-ditch drop
I would turn days from these nights"

He looks away from her
like he never thought he had to
His core feels like it´s burning
so he decides to look at her
Who is he to that girl?
What if he doesn´t want to learn?
His eyes look demanding though dolorous,
she´s trying to figure out the colours
Her hand is rising to touch him like magic
but the real magic happens through the kiss

He says
"I´ve had this desire running through my veins
You´re a song I can´t get out of my head,
an un-beatable gambling bet
Lust for something has turned into pain
because of something that I can´t get
You´ve known the words I haven´t said
Maybe that spell has confounded my brain"

Oh, see, the spell seems to be broken
The seal of plenty of moments so token
He looks at her and she knows what´s hurting
´cause of his eyes that seem not to be burning
She knows those nights have come to an end
as he waves his hand and drains behind the corner
He felt like last moments of summer,
tasted like a dewy meadow
And the magic that once was is now all over

She says
"If I close my eyes now
please appear in front of me
Kiss the magic back to me
and call for me out loud
Before you touched me I was free
I didn´t have this ache and need
Maybe you passed your spirit on me
by setting your dewy lips on my mouth"

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