maanantai 4. toukokuuta 2015

Nobody Said Anything About Being a Fool

She wants to believe she got it right
at the first time,
like a guess in a game
when the branches crackled in the frost
and the heart flew a bit like a stony raven
just a bit by bit
but it still flew

He hates that she tends to think she´s right
like those times when she knew he wasn´t alright
even though he thought he played it quite fine
she made up her mind and decided to get under his skin,
playing a parasite within

Nobody said anything about being a fool
When there´s walls and faces you can´t get through
There´s some little rocks that drop between the teeth
and it would be so easy to break it all
Fracture it all that you knew was meant to do

So she believes what she wants to,
with hearing all the sounds but not much listening
And he forgets to tell what really made all the misery
All the softness of a good night kiss
and the pulse and beats of the trembling bliss
when they wait for each other to plead them dry
With the last goodbye

They must get stronger all the time
though the mornings get harder
and the sleep gets thin and slender
She refuses to wake up and he won´t go to sleep
They pretend to dream dreams
while the skin gets warm and tender

Small movement of a finger tip
plays an invitation
Well maybe they could reach each other
in this blue dimension
Dance away the dust of the time
and embrace like they once used to
before waking up

Something moved under it all
when they sighed right at the same time
Nothing was said, dreams didn´t get broken
Something in the corner of an eye told though
that something got left in the dream
and the dream could´ve not been remembered
Morning dust

She couldn´t get through
and he didn´t get enough
Nobody said anything about being a fool
Sometimes dreams just don´t come true
But what can you do than just
sleep on it and
sleep it on through

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