sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2015

Should´ve, could´ve, would´ve

I miss you, I´m missing him,
I need him to get under my skin
I need someone to know
what it feels like when there´s something
something that can´t be put into words
But something
something that can only get worse

It should´ve been love
It should be cry
There should be tears falling from the sky
It should be dark if it gets cold
and you should be near when I get old
It should be something else
than this
when cry doesn´t come and all I do is

There´s memories in the air
but I still haven´t made that charm
and you´re not around
Like what the fuck
You should be right here next to me
listening to these sad songs and
laying your hand on me
Kissing softly my cheek and
tasting like dark wine
I should´ve not had

I need you, I´m needing him
I need him to kiss away this grim
I need someone to know
what it feels like to bury something
something that should´ve not been found
Under the smiles
under the laughter and being proud

It could´ve been fun
It could be sweet
There could be tears of joy falling
It could get severe and taste like sin
and you could be the one taking me in
When it gets rough and it gets cold
and I couldn´t fake anymore to be bold
maybe I could weep

Like hey, where are you now,
when I´m ready to fall and
I´m giving it all
to anyone who wants a part of me
A limb or thought, I know
word´s a sword
Fuck, open the door and kiss me to death
Love me and please take my breath

I know it´s you,
and it´s always been
You are too good to be a dream
You´re my lighthouse and haven,
you know it´s true
I was just born to be a fool
I dream and I want to sleep,
sleep with you next to me
Forget all that´s not us
and open my eyes to see
I do

1 kommentti:

  1. Your song has a sister, and I thought they should meet.
    Yours is the prettier one, but mine's more experienced.

    (/Nick-Cave-voice on smoke 'n wine 'n grade-A Quaaludes thru-'n-thru:)

    "Down With Me / Falling"

    hello my sweet 'n only love 'til the bitter end
    you know by now it's in my nature to pretend
    i do favor making love instead of common sense;
    you can either have the fun or mind the consequence

    to say that i'm terrible would be to put it nice;
    there are times i find it hard to tell Hell from Paradise
    but as soon as we were out our souls locked at the hip;
    we were made to dance aflame aboard a sinking ship

    so come on and get down with me, get down with me
    i wanna be your man;
    come on and get down with me, oh down with me
    i love you more than i can stand

    i've been sitting here so long waiting for luck to find me;
    now it's time i grab her throat and squeeze it very tightly
    i will trade you kiss for curse, my most exquisite dear;
    i believe with such a steal your fair consent is clear

    if you want for flattery, i'll be happy to oblige;
    there is scarce a scar in me that you won't recognize
    i'm a man of iron but that means i'm bound to sink;
    love is king but baby you were more than i could think

    so come on and get down with me, get down with me
    i wanna be your friend;
    come on and get down with me, oh down with me
    i'll love you right until the end

    by the Thing that ordered us i do most solemnly sware
    there's no house upon this Earth that i can ever repair
    i can only rend and tear and play the blamin' game
    and if things were different, doll, they would be the same

    Heaven knows it all too well that i'd cease 'n desist
    were you not the reason for my passion to exist
    i am like a corpse without you, floating on the lake;
    like a moth without a flame or a pit without a snake

    so come on and get down with me, get down with me
    i wanna be your fate;
    come on and get down with me, oh down with me
    i'll love you 'til they'll lay me straight

    there will come a time when all our dreams will be redeemed
    you're the fairest of the beasts that i have ever dreamed
    verily i say it unto thee-hee-hee-hee-he-hee-ee:
    i'm not one to be deterred by mere reality

    the thought of letting go of you will never let me go
    i did burn you bright enough to see the afterglow
    though i tell a crooked lie, my love for you is true;
    and the love is cherry-red even when you're cobalt-blue

    so come on and get down with me, get down with me
    i wanna be your dream;
    come on and get down with me, oh down with me
    i'll love youuu-u-u-uu-uu 'til you SCREAM!


    Woe be unto him who ever stumbles across these two deadly beauties.
    They will tear him to little pieces, and he'll love every minute of it.

    I never said 'hello'. For now I will say 'farewell'. My taste for drama
    has been satisfied, so why linger? (The downside to loving sudden
    appearances is that you have to disappear from time to time.)



    Here is a third sister:
    (Nouvelle Vague - Dance With Me)
    (I don't usually like cover-bands, but the singer's voice is something else. Peril in paradise, hm.)

    When you dance to the beat of your heart, the world is your dance-floor (you may quote me on that -- in
    fact I insist on it).

    --It may take until September 'til you see more of me. The Summer is a busy time for a confectioner,
    what with people getting married and dying of heat-stroke. I could be enticed to hurry along E.'s treasures,
    but I doubt she wants to send the wrong message