maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

Something got Lost in the Forest

Oo, I´ve been haunted
by the crick cracks of the old house and I
I´ve been breaking
I´ve been breaking up in parts so many times
that I don´t know what to say anymore
I don´t know how to keep my cool
I don´t know is it me or you
but I´ve got myself some blues

I think I´ve lost my dancing shoes

Don´t you remember the whispers and lies,
how the old woman was rolling her eyes
As her hand in the fire
my hands are tied
And I know there´s a reason not to open my eyes
The nightmares come back like
they´ve never been left behind

O, I´ve got cracks in my mind
like somebody´s walking there
Like I hear the steps but nobody´s in the stairs
Light makes pretty shadows
but I like the dark more as you´re there
Sometimes I´m afraid of myself
painting with shadows that are not anywhere

I might be a bit scared
of losing my time and dreams
My heart is bursting and my lips are sealed
I don`t know how I could get on through,
get on through and get close to you
When my head is filled with memories
fear and fright left in my old room

Don´t you know my mind is haunted
and I´ll never know what I truly want
I´m chasing nothing but ghosts
Ghosts I left back home
And I don´t know how to keep my cool
And I know it´s not me or you
but I think I´ve got myself some blues
I just need to find my dancing shoes

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