sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2015

Shattered Shells

Do you have anything to say?
Is it really going to be played this way,
you denying all that was there
me trying to show you something´s still here
We just won´t win
´cause it wasn´t meant to be

You were not meant to see inside of me
and I wasn´t a part of your plan to flee
We got caught in the waves
and the sea just got too deep
We were meant to lose
´cause we didn´t know what winning means

Isn´t this a foolish game to lose out at,
no rewards or stakes to win back
You got the closest to a prize I longed for
but you´ll never know why I felt that
You are never going to know the truth
You will never get even close

I´ve written our stories in the night sky
I´ve played all my cards quite right
as right as I could´ve in this state of mind
Do you have anything to say?
It seems like you don´t care that I got tired to play
One step forward, two back, closer to the grave

The salt of the sea burns our eyes
It´s like the sea wants to see us cry
Burning, aching, wanting to change our minds
It chokes and strangles
until we´re still and our heartbeats are bind
We´ll get lost in the sea
just as anyone else who´s like you or me

Your touch was so gentle
and so hard to leave behind
Through the power of the waves and water
the strenght could´ve kept us as one
But it was clear we were never meant to be
when the strain of a surge broke us in parts
So we were, just as before,
only two shattered shells so very lost

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