sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Otto is the Name

You look so pretty in your 1960's suit
and your narrow tie
and you look so sweet in your silver belt buckle
twisted around your twisted figure

Your name is Otto and you like to get them high
You drive them crazy without figuring out why
You look like you´ve got them without touching them once
You don´t hunt them down, you just lie

You lie around like a sticky fly paper
You close their eyes with a promise of a little later
You must be a master of disguise
and sweet lies are meant to attract the flies

You don´t need to do anything more
Just stare a little and blow out the smoke
After all you´re just an average bloke,
You got them thinking the bad in you is all the coke
Before they know it,
they choke
they rattle and they flounder
one thought through their minds
nobody´s gonna find her

They´re choked by an average bloke
Sliced through the throat
Otto is the name
He´s a serial killer kind of Unknown

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