maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

The Years Should´ve Made Me Smarter

They have forgotten us,
we have become too old
When did they turn so cold,
or when did they let us go?

I´ve grown some wrinkles
because of all the frowning
He didn´t say anything in a while and
lately he´s felt like he´s drowning

Is it us?
We have been too good to be true
and they found it out
Maybe it´s true about me and you
We got our time to rule,
fool, play it cruel
But the time is the one's muse
We´ve lost our youth

They have given up on us,
we didn´t stay a step ahead
We lost the run and the bet,
we let our selves grow

I get these head aches when I frown
and it feels like I´ve lost my smile
Nobody surprises me with a white lie
that makes me want to fly

Was it us?
Were we the easy way to get lost
when they didn´t want to be found?
The joke must´ve been on us
though we thought we ruled the crown
Now we hide and want to be hidden
´cause nobody misses the clown

They have forgotten us
Why did they let us go?
We had them on the palms of our hands
now we have nothing to show

We try to convince everybody
that we chose to let them leave
The defeat is less painful
than to keep the memories

It was us
We lost the game from the start
by not keeping the promise
of the eternal youth,
the golden truth started to fall apart
We are only human
and that´s not enough for gods

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