sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Sand in to the Eyes

Hands on the wheel and you´re rubbing my neck and you´re kissing my skin and we´re having such a good time
Wind in the hair and your rough arm on my bare shoulder that´s quite near you and you sing something like

To do-dooo-doo, do-dooo-doo, tooo

I like you so much and your touch is too much and you sing like it hurts so you kiss my skin once more
And the air is full of sand and it blows right in and it makes me cry when I try to look the other way

You understand what´s wrong but you know you can´t say it out loud in case of breaking something with your mouth
You knew it all along but you hate to be alone and I hate it just as much in days like these and in need of touch

I hold my hand outside just like it´s been denied when I was a child and some branches could´ve killed me
I never believed the warnings and I bet you didn´t either and now we´re here ready to learn the lesson

Your hand reaches mine and I bet your mind reaches mine at the same time so I dare to turn my head once more
Even just a glance would´ve been enough to give me the chance to make up my mind

You drink up your sugary soda and offer some to me and as much as I planned to refuse I take some ´cause it´s free
I look at you like I´ve never looked before and that´s it right there you hit the brakes and decide to want some more

To do-dooo-doo, do-dooo-doo, tooo

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