torstai 1. toukokuuta 2014


Her leg´s right beside his
she wonders if he noticed it
He felt it there all good, alright
but nothing´s mentioned about it

The dusk is turning into a dawn
They just arrived but they need to be gone
Somebody´s singing and somebody´s dancing
without knowing what the words have spawn

She´s checking every step,
watching every touch and sip
She´s pretending all the way
wondering if she´ll get any of it

"I saw you watching from afar
I´ll deny it, I´ll never ask and I´m never going to tell
You must be so afraid
You got to be so scared
but your secrets are safe with me
I´ll deny your eyes on me
I´ll swallow your lies for free
and sleep your dreams into me"

He´s nodding his head in the rhytm of the songs
and patting his fingers on the wooden board
He´s playing it cool and thinks he´s well hid
but there´s others playing it just as hard

There´s short dresses and lacy skirts
and handsome fellas and lazy flirts
He´s not trying to blend in at all
He´s giving a lot more than they were asking for

"I don´t know am I cruel or true
and I don´t know is it me or you
but my heart is racing in a rushing pace
and I don´t know are these words lies or waste
My time is limited except at nights
I like it easy without any fights
so let´s ease it up, rely on me
Your secrets are just as safe with me"

The music´s starting to be over
and somebody´s asking another to come over
It might be the hardest mistake to be done
but they know not to cross any boarders

It´s a cold night to be lonely
It would be golden to be somebody's only
but now that the lies seem to be true
dreams are going to be killed slowly

"We walk the same slow pace
to get our heads in shape
You must be thinking I´m an easy girl
though I´m just playing this easy game
I´ll bet she´d had her say
so it´s easier to walk away
How did I get here from having nothing
to bite my tongue to stay safe"

In a moment they are stray cats on their own
Alley´s all they got when they´re left all alone
Thoughts through their messy heads are thrown
but as they know
sleep is the best cure for the dreamy moan

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