tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

Front Seat View, Back Seat Love

I like the thing that you gave me
even if I don´t know what it really is
I like the way you make me feel
even if my lied up words turn out to be bliss

I hate it when you know you´re looking good
it makes me feel I got no control over myself
I feel like you know exactly what I´m hiding
maybe you´ll find it out before myself

You have your black leather jacket on
and your white cotton tee
While you´re kicking small rocks on the ground
I´m looking at your feet
I´d say your eyes are looking divine
but my tongue´s just rubbing my teeth
I´d like to throw a line or two
if I could take my eyes off from your cowboy boots
You haul your hair like you´re up for a fight
Looking good and lonely really seems to suit you

I have the thing that you gave me
as my secret for all to see
I can´t say what it symbols for
or does it really mean anything to me

My mind works funny like that ´cause
there can be moments dedicated to you
but a fast forward and a fast rewind
can make me dazy, hazy, blurred out
and wave away from you

You have the front seat view to the world in your car
you might tell a little too much whilst you glare
While you´re watching you start to feel like tar
and I can´t make a break from your stare
Maybe you´d like me to take a dip into your world
back seat love or the passengers side
I don´t know if you believe every word
and I don´t know anymore have I lied
You bite your thumb nail like you´ve given in
and that´s exactly what makes me want you to win

I like how those nights turn out to be
urban legends of languor and ardour
and how the bright mornings seals the deal
and there´s no need to wait for any longer

I feel like we´re playing with fire
raising false hopes to grow into daydreams
So we need to thrash through the mire
so we could see what this really is

But I like the feeling you gave me
I´ll treasure it deep and safe
So when the cold tries to hold me
I got the warm heart beats, heat and need
to be crawling back to you

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