keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

All of them, vampires, you

My man is a vampire

All I wanted, all the things I need
Needles and burn marks,
revolution inside of me
I mean lips, smiles, teeth

He had his attics, his addicts
He had his smokes
He had his meager laughs,
he had his jokes

Decades of doubt and distrust
Deceit, delusion and pure lust
Tongue is twisted,
lips are cruel
Mind quite wicked
"Eyes must take me for a fool"

His hair was dark, was it light?
His voice was smooth
His eyes were the mirror,
mouth just couldn´t tell the truth

Come and live in me,
then leave in me,
let´s make a home
"I´ll come inside,
but I´ll never be your own"

He lived in a house, his home
The yard had a swing
He smoked his reefer on terrace,
that´s how his mornings begin

Looking, watching,
take notes,
"eyes need to be closed"
Say "shhh" when it´s time
And come real close

He wanders, he roams
He plays it well
He´s the engine, he roars
He kisses, then he tells

It´s rock, paper, scissors,
with stones
"But baby, kisses do no harm"
With all of you vampires, stoned
"Just a kiss and we are armed"

The faces are changing,
he´s different,
maybe it´s plain to see
They´re tuning their tones
"Go on, get turned on by me"

Pleading for chances,
bleeding for paper
´cause on paper it´s true
Trying to make it happen,
trying to make it with you

My man is a vampire
Who knew he was you

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