torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

Hey, there

Hey there, wait just a while
I saw you diving from the other side
Looking down, gazing waves
Are you looking for somebody's face?

You don´t speak, not with words
But that´s ok until it hurts
You don´t look, you don´t smile
Hey there, just wait for a while

You know I watch, you know I stare
You know I come from Nowhere
I guess you think you have won
Just because you are Someone

Your skin is moist, your hair is wet
I think I want to be your pet
Take me with, put me in a box
I want you to open up all of the locks

Don´t you run, ´cause I want to hide
I want to dive to the other side
I want your side to be all mine
Just stop, just wait for a while

We can go through the reef of Death
I laugh when I think of you as my pet
I really don´t mean much anything
So come now, let´s have a swim

Your hand is grabbing mine too tight
Was it something I said that wasn´t right?
It´s just that I´m alone and so are you
Dive with me to the blue lagoon

Skin´s covered with the pearls of the sea
That´s all I want to grow on me
Show me the way just how to live
I guess I want you to give me everything

Hey there, you swim too fast
Are we there yet, at last?
Don´t you look at me with those eyes
Eyes that say that I´m all lies

If I´m all lies then so are you
You´re not from the blue lagoon
The sand is dark, the wind is cold
You´re not the one I want to hold

Why did you stop to gaze at the waves?
There was no-one, not a face
You´re not scared, not even alone
Now let me go and dive back home

"Hey there, just wait for a while"
I hear a voice that´s almost mine
I see a face right between the waves
Should´ve not come, but still I came

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