perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012

It should not be over

It´s in the boots,
with the ragged blue jeans,
in the dress with the jacket,
that´s his
And the scent of a long lost friend
Some flowers, from the meadow below
And the warm tarmac,
which should be the end

Your hair should be free

It´s in the lullabies,
on the roof of an old Caddy
Or a car of any kind
And I´m your travelling buddy
I´ll be who ever you like
´Cause that´s me
I´m the one
One step behind

I´ts in the nod,
the way your head reacts to the sound,
and the look
which says if we´d hide
we´d never be found
You´re the one from the stories
You´re the tragedy in my comedy

Now the solo

The woolen socks trying to get
over my knees
Hand out from the window
And your hands over the wheel
Looking for my bruised knee
or my shoulder
Yeah that´s you
Later on me

It´s in you
All the bad I look for in good
All the illusions that would
never match with the truth
It´s in you
The reality from the movies
That say it´s not ever going to be
worth it

It all was in you

It´s in the demand
that says I should break
Watching your mistakes
Loving them all, one by one
You kiss me in the morning
When it should be night
My fingers are dancing

You made me love it right

It should never be over 1995

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